New Windows 8.1 update 1 screenshots highlight modern app pinning

Another day, another look at the spring update for Windows 8.1. While we saw in the last update that modern apps could be pinned to the taskbar, in these shots we can see a little bit more about the pinning, including a hover preview.

It’s becoming more clear that Microsoft is moving towards blending the modern and classic desktop environments with Windows 8.1 and Windows 9. Windows 9 is rumored to include the ability to run modern apps in a windowed environment on the desktop, which will go a long way for usability for those using Windows 9 on non-touchscreen devices.

The latest screenshot leaks suggests that a build of the Windows 8.1 spring update may leak soon. While previous rumored leak dates have come and gone, the screenshot leaks are coming more frequently which could mean that more users have the build in their hands.

Microsoft is expected to either release or announce the spring update at its BUILD conference in April.

Windows 9 is not expected to be released until the first half of 2015 but rumors are suggesting that at the BUILD conference this year, Microsoft will outline its plans for the operating system.

Source: Win8China | Via: Winbeta

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Now they need to add Live Tile pinning to the desktop. So you can have a "gadget" experience and see quick data and have a quick source to get into and out of the app for more info.

Joaoo said,
anyone known what that system monitor application is on the bottom right corner?


Was just about to ask the same thing... it looks nice. The data bandwidth monitor thing in the taskbar too....

I hope they're improving the Start Screen further, but adding things like folder tiles, additional properties (like being able to permanently set a tile to Run As Administrator, or set a command line parameter on a desktop app's tile), and set a custom tile colors (so I can color code my app tiles to MY liking). I also wish the Start Screen would appear in the Switcher *always*, including the upper-left-corner preview, so that if I launch one app, and then hit that hot-corner, I can click to go "back" to the start screen... just like the "Desktop" appeared in the old Flip-3D task switcher. It would also be cool to dock the Start Screen next to other apps.... making things more consistent.

You can do those things with shortcuts that you're asking about already: right-click your desktop app's tile, click Open file location, right-click the now-highlighted shortcut file and click Properties, and then set it to run as admin there or change command line parameters to your heart's content. (You can't do that to store apps' tiles because store apps don't have command line parameters and can't be run as admin.)

From the screen shots I've seen there is no indication that the Modern Apps are running on the desktop.

It looks like all that is happening is when you switch from a Modern App to the Desktop the App is shown on the Taskbar so you can switch to it more easily.

This will still be as jarring and irritating as it is now!

What they really need is the equivalent of Stardock's ModernMix but built in!!

Keep up mate, that's supposedly coming in Windows 9 (FKA 8.2). There's no suggestion that the ability to run Metro apps on the desktop is coming in Windows 8.1 Update 1. Just a way to pin them, and launch them from the desktop without having to go to the start screen first.

I'd like to see a site do a comparison of Windows 7 vs. Windows 8.1 but only for the desktop side of things, no touchscreen or Apps stuff. Is Win8 any better than Win 7 when you look at ONLY the desktop side of things?

Who cares. Windows 9 will be out shortly and like ME and Vista which never caught on will decline quickly.

I care about Windows 9. However I am getting older and starting to follow the phrase if it aint broke don't fix it and will just keep 7. But if I decide to replace my aging 2.6 ghz phenom II Windows 9 will be a huge factor. I wonder if it will be wise to put a 6 year old (by 2015) OS that goes EOL in 3 years in a new PC then?!

XP users did this and now are throwing a fit for EOL as they view their computers as newish and I do not want to be in the same boat.

sinetheo said,
Who cares.

Well clearly HE/SHE does, since he/she asked the question.

Windows 8/8.1 is a better underlying OS than Windows 7. Not least of which are the documented boot up speed improvements, app launch speed improvements, and the UI enhancements to the file operations dialog, and not to mention the excellent multi-monitor support to span the taskbar across all monitors,.

p.s. Can members here please put their gender in their profiles so I don't have to write he/she every time when I can't tell from an obvious username

I like it. When I use the desktop I never see Metro much. When I use my tablet I don't see the desktop much, although I do appreciate that it is there and accessible for file management and all kinds of other stuff. Now I can at least see which Metro apps are running from the taskbar. This will go a LONG way to help me use more Metro apps now. particularly Metro Skype.

Windows 8 just beats Windows 7 all day long in many different areas, booting, file management, built in SkyDrive, the list is long. This just makes it much easier to run Win 8 as you would Win 7. Anyone that really needs the stupid menu back that much is smart enough to get a utility to fix that. I look forward to these changes, and so will many an end user.

I look forward to less Malware problems, but the quality of the Metro apps really needs to improve. Quicken, VLC, Utorrent, and Office would make great additions. I can't tell people to use the App Store to avoid Malware, because most of the time whatever they are searching for does not exist in the Metro environment.

Many of the folks I deal with don't even know what I mean when I say "launch your web browser". MS greatly underestimated how many outright neophytes use computers to do many things, without ever really understanding how computers work at all.

jimmyfal said,

Many of the folks I deal with don't even know what I mean when I say "launch your web browser". MS greatly underestimated how many outright neophytes use computers to do many things, without ever really understanding how computers work at all.

And yet they do manage to understand complex games without ever reading a manual.....

Confronting them, it's always 'I have don't have time for that' or 'it should be more intuitive'.
People should get basic training when buying a computer. Especially nowadays with hacking, clickbait etc. etc. one should have a basic 'drivers license' before entering the digital highway ;-)

Like it. Currently using "True Launch Bar" plugins on the taskbar for all that and more, native would be nice too.

I think most people's gripe with that is that it's hidden, and you have to mouse into to the corner, then up to just show the list, then move up to click an entry. It's not particularly efficient. That said, on a tablet it's perfectly fine as you can just swipe in from the left.

yup, win8/Modern is great on a tablet.
and if you work mostly on the desktop while using a pc, with 8.1 there's no issue too.

it's all nag nag nag nag nag....

The 'end' aim is to get people to use the METRO/MODERN apps...even if that means using them in the Desktop. Eventually all the classic apps and the remaining settings will be moved over to MODERN/METRO -

It is so amazing how when Microsoft makes a radical change to the Windows UI, everyone hates it, then later they like it so much they can't give it up.

With one exception, when MS moved to the new UI in Windows 95 from Windows 3.x was it a welcome change. But I remember when they move came to Windows XP. OMG! Everyone and their mama was crying how much they hated the colors. Yet 10 years later, Windows XP is still the mostly widely used version of Windows, even though 3 versions have been release after XP.

Then everyone cried like children with Vista's Aero Glass UI. they didn't like the transparent Windows. They wanted to know how to install the older XP UI, which they also once upon a time hated.

Now MS moved to another UI and here we go again. First off, if the concept was so bad, why did Apple copy it? Why is Google also flattening their U for Android? Even Samsung for Kit Kat has also flatten some of the UI features of TouchWiz. Other phones like Sony Xperia and LG and others are also using flat UI features. They were fat in the first place. All they id was remove the drop shadows and used plain color vs gradients.

So many crybabies. All these company's are filthy rich. Microsoft could probably care less what OS you buy from them because millions of dollars is still millions of dollars no matter how you get it. But I am sure they would rather as many as possible adopt more recent options. It's called MOVING FORWARD.

If you don't like what new, stick to the old. Most of the applications from the XP days are quite usable ad will stand up to many of todays apps. Ass long as you have XP, Office 2007, and a few app similar; there is no work you cant do. Don't like the new, than don't buy the new.

Opinions are ok as long as they at least make sense. But looking for things to be wrong is just lame. No matter if I like an OS or not, there is still always going to be more bad than good. I wonder do people spend as much time on the petty things tha happen in real life vs looking at the 100's of good things.

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