Nvidia GeForce GTX 260/280 Review

Finally Nvidia has heard our pleas: The GTX 280 is the first real reworking of the G8x architecture. And, yes, breaking with tradition, "GTX" is a prefix for this new architecture. Now we know the company's modus operandi: Introduce a new architecture on a proven engraving process.

A new generation, a new name. Using the "10,000" place for a series name seems to bother GPU manufacturers. Whereas ATI solved the problem by introducing Roman numerals, Nvidia has completely changed its card nomenclature. Now we have the GeForce 200 GTX.

View: Nvidia GeForce GTX 260/280 Review @ Tom's Hardware

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Aww hell, I just read that the gtx260 is the same gpu than the gtx280 except some parts of it have been disabled. In other words it costs nVidia as much money to produce both gpu's but they sell one of them for twice the cash. A bad idea.

What are they thinking? I was excited when i first started reading the review, and after, disapointed. I hope some of those performance numbers are down to driver support or something, it's just not looking like anything ground breaking, especially performance wise.

Looks like ATi (umm AMD) might pull out another Radeon 9700 this year then, and give Nvidia another spanking.

That's exactly what I think. ATI's HD 4850 will go for ~$200 and the HD 4870 will go for ~$300 or ~$330. Apparently the HD 4870 outperforms a 9800GX2 and that means it outperforms a GTX 280 at half the price. If I'm wrong then it comes pretty darn close.

Performance-wise, the 9800 GX2 and 8800 Ultra often surpass the GTX280 in benchmarks. The 3870 x2 comes close to it and beats it in non-gaming benchmarks tests, so I can imagine how the upcoming 4870 x2 will probably be superior to it in many ways.

When it comes to price-performance ratio, the 8800GT is on top, and it looks like it will stay that way, as sales are going up. If nVidia wants to dethrone the 8800GT I suspect they will gradually lower the price of the GTX260, so it would be best to wait before buying one. Oh, and apparently the GTX280 is unbearably noisy, which is very uninviting.

It isn't really looking that good for this new series of GPUs, however I hope new and better ones can be developped based on their technology.

This seems to follow the usual rule of thumb with nVidia cards which usually leads to avoiding the odd number cards. I don't count the 9xxx series as they were reworkings of the G92 gpu used in the 8800GT and 8800GTS512. Best waiting until the next generation of cards.

Disappointing to say the very least.

Come on nvidia. You are expecting people to pay an insane amount [something around the region of $649] and yet your older generation 9800 GX2 which are $150-200 CHEAPER are outperforming it?

It seems like nvidia is going back to its days of the GeForce FX cards...

I think this time round, ATI will take the performance crown with their HD 4870 they will be using GDDR5 whereas the 280/260 are still using GDDR3

Good Game Nvidia....


Of random note, when does nvidia plan to fix their dam drivers?