Paradise PC gaming-workstation desk relaunches successfully on Kickstarter

In February, we reported on a Kickstarter campaign to fund a product called Gamers Paradise, an impressive looking gaming PC-workstation desk with a number of built in USB ports, display ports, power outlets and more to free PC users of cable clutter. Unfortunately, the desk failed to reach its Kickstarter goal.

However, the creator of the desk, David Wrobel, decided to go back and make a few changes, along with changing the name of the product to just the Paradise Desk. He relaunched his Kickstarter campaign a couple of weeks ago and it has not only exceeded the main $30,000 goal but has broken through a number of stretch goals.

The new Paradise Desk has eight USB ports built into the top of the desk. One is placed on the left side for people who want to quickly install a flash drive or portable hard drive, while three others have been put in the center of the desk for plugging in accessories like a keyboard and mouse. Four more are located on the back of the desk for items like printers and other extras. Four power plugs have been placed on the back of the desk.

The Paradise Desk also comes with a DVI and HDMI port for plugging in a monitor and two LED lights on the back for nighttime gaming and work. Audio ports are placed on the front left corner and a switch is included on the right side so users can switch from headphones to speakers instantly. The dimensions of the desk are 62 inches wide, 30.5 inches in height and 28 inches in depth.

The Kickstarter campaign for the Paradise Desk has now reached over $93,000 with 17 days still to go. The desk has reached a number of stretch goals, including adding custom cables for a PC monitor and a headphone holder. If it reaches $110,000 the desk will get LED lighting on the underside of the desk and $130,000 adds a cup holder. The Kickstarter campaign is asking for a $349 donation in order for a person to get a standard Paradise Desk, but higher donations will get a limited edition or even a custom designed desk.

Source: Paradise Desk on Kickstarter | Image via Paradise Desk

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BRILLIANT idea, but i don't see this becoming a massed produced product. it seems more like a project somebody would use to fill in their weekend rather than something you'd actually buy because you need it.

Wow I don't get the point of these. Like someone else mentioned it solves a problem that doesn't really exist. Although a matter of personal taste but to me it looks too utilitarian resembling a workbench than a stylish and modern desk. To add insult to injury, all the power outlets on the top add more clutter than simply running your cables behind the desk into a central power center on the floor. To each their own though - I'm sure there are people for whom this could work well but definitely not for me.

Just get a glass desk and get an old PC case cut around where MB slots then stick this onto some MDF that is the right size to go under glass table.

Or just get a wood table with draws and mount MB into one of draws then cut hole intop of table and get glass cutters to make glass to size. Very easy to do takes about 1h of work with a jigsaw and the glass is cheap to get cut/buy.

New desk + glass with cutting will be below £200.

Nice idea, but the design needs more work IMO... needs to be more ergonomic, far too much wasted space, perhaps a compact wraparound style of desk, everything within arms reach... vesa mount etc..

DrScouse said,
Nice idea, but the design needs more work IMO... needs to be more ergonomic, far too much wasted space, perhaps a compact wraparound style of desk, everything within arms reach... vesa mount etc..

This is the problem, if it can really be called that; eveyone has their own idea of the "perfect" setup. Personally I can't wait for the day of 100% wireless tech that works flawlessly and is also powered via wireless power, and of course anti-gravity modules to attach my monitors/devices to so i can swing them around easily and place them where I want when I want...

Maybe when I'm like 90...

i like mit more when the hardware of the computer is integrated inside the table and i've seen some very sleek and cool custom designs and builds out there.

Sir Topham Hatt said,
Unless it will be sold to the masses, then it will always be a niche product.

Just like most furniture stuff. Unless they'll be bought by IKEA