An awesome PC gaming-workstation desk seeks Kickstarter funding

Sometimes you come across a product that makes you think, "Why hasn't someone else come up with this before?" Such is the case with a recently launched Kickstarter fund raising project from a company called Gamers Paradise. It is looking to create an awesome looking desk that could eliminate a lot of issues for both gaming PC fans and for folks who simply want a better workstation.

The Kickstarter page shows the design of the desk, which has seven USB 2.0 ports that have been "strategically placed" on the front left side, the center and the back of the desk. Six power plugs have also been placed in the back of the desk. These additions, in theory, should solve a lot of the problems most people have with a ton of power, USB and other cables that tend to gather at the bottom or to the side of a workstation.

The Gamers Paradise desk will also have two HDMI ports for monitors, with an option to add a DVI port, along with audio ports that come with a physical audio switch that lets users switch from their headphones to their speakers. It will also have two LED light bars at the back of the desk. The desk itself is 60 inches wide, 30.5 inches in height and 26 inches in depth and is made out of a carbon fiber vinyl with some steel trim. There will be some assembly required by the owner to attach the legs.

Gamers Paradise is seeking $75,000 to launch his PC workstation desk and it has already raised over $10,000 as of this writing. People who pledge $489 or more will get the desk and people who pledge $999 or more will get an upgraded version with USB 3.0 ports, a white carbon finish, custom color LED lights and a way to add even more ports to the desk, although there are no details on how that will work.

Source: Kickstarter | Image via Gamers Paradise

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