Patch coming for Mass Effect PC

BioWare has announced on their forums that a patch is on the way for the PC version of Mass Effect.

Currently there is no information available, but Chris Priestly, Community Coordinator for BioWare, has said that they will post details when they are available. Community reaction so far is very positive, despite no current ETA for the patch. "Thank you all for taking the time to provide feedback to help us make Mass Effect PC a better game," Chris said.

The PC version of Mass Effect was released on 28 May 2008 (published by EA), and was ported from the Xbox 360 version by Demiurge Studios, who will also be developing the patch with BioWare.

The patch will be available for all versions of Mass Effect, be it the retail box or a direct download, via Steam.

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I haven't had any issues with Mass Effect (via steam) crashing but I have with the lava. Some quirks here and there but nothing real bad.

The patch must be close since it was rumored since the middle of December in an off topic forum post at the Bioware Forums. Hopefully this patch fixes the Garrus low res face texture and make the game more stable. I crashed more often after the forced 1.01 patch while playing BDTS till the end of the game then I did pre-patch.