Patch My PC 2.3.6

Patch My PC Free is a portable and reliable tool which can quickly check your PC for outdated software. The supported third-party programs include a large number of widely-used applications, including Adobe Reader, Mozilla Firefox, Oracle Java, Apple Quicktime, iTunes, Microsoft Silverlight and many more.

Patch My PC Free features:

  • Easy to use User Interface
  • Outdated software will show in Red
  • Up to date will show in Green
  • Patches many common third party products Reader, Flash, Java, Quicktime and More
  • Portable and very small around 300 Kb
  • Offers optional software updates you can include in the update process
  • Scan and install needed Windows updates
  • Quickly uninstall multiple programs
  • Enable or disable startup programs

Download: Patch My PC Free 2.3.6 | 397 KB (Freeware)
View: Patch My PC Free Homepage

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I can't talk about this "Update" as I haven't tried it yet, but Patchmypc is AMAZING!!! I use it numerous times a day both in my office repairs and via remote assistance. I also have it run on my computer in the back ground at 3am in the morning up dating my 3rd party applications!.

I'm not sure why he changed it so the common updates which are in red on the right are not checked on the left. I started a thread on his forum telling to to change it back. People aren't smart enough to check stuff.

Edited by warwagon, Dec 23 2013, 10:59pm :