Purchase a PC from the Microsoft Store, get a $100 voucher

If you're thinking about purchasing a new Windows 8 machine, perhaps you should look towards the Microsoft Store, as they're currently giving out $100 vouchers for all purchases of PCs over $699. Note, however, that there is a catch: the Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets are excluded from the deal, despite the fact that some models come in above the $699 threshold; and you can't use the voucher on any Surface tablets or accessories.

To get the voucher, which is only redeemable in the United States online Microsoft Store, you must purchase a new PC between now and February 18, 2013, and the voucher must be redeemed between February 19 and March 17. All eligible machines will have the coupon applied automatically at the checkout, and even if the deal is not stated on the product page of a computer over $699, it appears as though the coupon is still applied in the cart.

Almost all the PCs that are offered on the Microsoft Store are eligible; we did a quick count and only found five machines below $699. Apart from the $100 voucher deal, it's also wise to make a purchase through the Store as Microsoft promises Signature installs of Windows on new computers, free of junkware for the cleanest Windows 8 install.

Purchase a PC at the Microsoft Store

Thanks everyone for the tips!

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The article is wrong, I bought a 64GB surface Pro yesterday and it included the 100$ voucher in my purchase. The voucher will be good 7 days after my Pro ships which it already has and it says nothing about restrictions on what you can use it for.

64 GB Surface Pro

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64 GB Surface Pro
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$100 coupon for your next Microsoft Store online purchase

$100 coupon for your next Microsoft Store online purchase

Do PCs bought from the Microsoft store come with all that bloat ware that you'd get if you were to buy from Walmart or Best Buy?

Scorpus said,
No, most come with Microsoft's "Signature" install which is basically just plain Windows 8 with no extra crap

Good to know, thanks!