RIM beginning Blackberry 10 production in December

It’s the bottom of the ninth, two outs, and Research in Motion is up to bat. That’s how RIM must be feeling after losing much of its once dominant market share to Apple and Google. Blackberry 10, which was supposed to be released by the end of 2012, was pushed back to the first quarter of 2013 and is the last chance for RIM to remain a player in the mobile phone market. The company knows that it has to knock the product out of the park, so delayed the release to the first quarter of 2013 and is holding launch events on January 30th.

Earlier this week, Digitimes reported that hardware suppliers are getting ready to begin production of the latest Blackberry 10 devices. Companies like Silitech Technology, Ichia Technologies, and ODM Winstron are gearing up to help produce components for the new handsets, although due to concerns about RIM’s future, the suppliers are not planning on building up large inventories.

Most people think it’s too little, too late for the beleaguered company. If RIM wants to stay relevant in the 21st century, they need to hit a homerun with Blackberry 10. Can they do it? Or will they strike out? Stay tuned.

Source: Digitimes | Image via RIM

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We'll see but I think January 2013 launch is too late to turn things around in a significant way....I do believe they will be able to hold onto 4% of the market. But that is not the kind of growth I think they need to satisfy their investors.

I hope there successful with whatever there trying to do here.. as someone above said more competition the better, also i have always liked there build quality so yeah.

BB10 is quite impressive so I hope RIM gets it right with the hardware specs and pricing. I also hope that BB10 is a success. I don't see how they'll save themselves if it fails.

Excellent, I feel very optimistic about BB10. Best phone for business. Replying critical mails on it beats any day a touchscreen and BBM is still the most used among my clients.

Anybody trying to ruin a company like this is an idiot. What happens when everyone you know finally has the same phone as you? Price goes up and nobody is there for you to run to if they do something you don't like.

There were definitely a few things that impressed me about BB10, but for the most part I don't think consumers will feel much incentive to pick up a new Blackberry. Consequently, there won't be much incentive for service providers to promote it or for devs to devote their time to it.

If it's great, then a large majority of current BlackBerry users may upgrade to it. Especially if RIM offers a program to get a discount if you trade in your current BlackBerry device. I'd certainly take advantage of a program like that if BB10 turns out to be good.

I'm with BB and i love the company, unfortunately BB lost a big part of it's market share and it will be very hard to get it back.

I do think that BB10 will be great and maybe finally up to the standard of the rest of the cell phone OS out there.

spy beef said,
Blackberry sucks, but my Canadian patriotism will make me buy one to support a once great Canadian company

Haha, what?

Have you seen BB10?
It's awesome from what we can tell so far.