RIM CEOs step down, hand over the keys

The Co-CEOs of RIM have reportedly stepped down and COO Thorsten Heins will become CEO. The news is not entirely unexpected, as the company has been struggling for some time. The WSJ is reporting that the transition will take place on Monday.

RIM has been struggling to find itself a place in the market after the company's products became stagnant. After dominating the corporate market for many years, the company has been unable to compete with the next generation platforms like iOS and Android.

BBOS has quickly stagnated into an antiquated product and with delays of BBOS 10, the company's next gen OS, RIM continues to lose customers as well as value. One of the more public blunders was launching the Blackberry Playbook without native email support; ironically, email support was what made the company famous with its handheld devices.

What changes the new CEO will bring are unknown but considering he was the COO, we remain pessimistic as the company is in need of fresh outside thinking, not internal banter. The battle for the new CEO is uphill as the company finds itself as the low hanging fruit of the mobile market and it has a reputation that needs serious repair.

With Windows Phone on the rise and iOS making inroads in the corporate sector, RIM needs a killer product and it needs it now. 

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That what they get. DIE RIM.
RIM thought all they had to do was beat Microsoft and take the vast majority of Microsoft's business from Windows Mobile, and the money would just continue to just roll in and they didn't need to do anything but sit back and collect. No changes, very few upgrades, and crappy devices that really haven't changed much.

RIM, this is the same thing Microsoft did which is why you got their business in the first place. Why would you come and do the exact same thing they did?

Not only should he step down, he should give back all the money he was paid for all the years he was CEO.


DIE RIM!!!! And take your fantasticly-crappy phones with you.

TechieXP said,
Not only should he step down, he should give back all the money he was paid for all the years he was CEO.

They were CEOs. There were two individuals jointly holding the position.
And, as far as giving back the money goes, each took a salary decrease to $1/yr to save the company, relying on bonuses. They saw the writing on the wall and the board finally brought down the hammer.

I think they need to get another Ex-MS employee to head up the company

I tried to order a Blackberry 8520 at work today and o2 told me they don't carry them anymore. RIP 8520, and hello 9300 which looks like the closest replacement.

People knock RIM, but having unlimited data plans that don't cost per MB make managing mobiles in companies much easier.

Its good that they finally got the rid of these jokers and get a new Chief Executive. But maybe what the company really needs is a change in culture. That would be best sought from the outside. Not sure having someone who operated within the failing culture for so long would really be making the needed difference. We shall wait and see. Hopefully he will surprise us.

Is it just me, or does this move seems very very late?

It should have happened months ago. Why were they allowed to continue the strategy, and delay it several times. That was the warning sign.

Jack O Neill said,
I have a Blackberry Torch. Worst phone ever. BYE-BYE! RIM

I have a Pearl. That outsucks the Torch.

UndergroundWire said,

Both of you be quiet. I had a Blackberry Storm. I WIN!!!
(Actually I lost at the time)

I'm gonna have to up the ante on this and say i outsuck all of you... i had to support 3 different models including the 8520 Storm and Touch! mwah!

All seriousness... it was the constant replacements and cumbersome UI that turned me away from BB.

At last!

Usually, I'm VERY slow to say "STEP DOWN!", but this guy deserves finding his fortune elsewhere.

RIM is sinking and he did all he could to speed up the creation of new holes in the ship's body.


Should have done that 10 years ago! But good news and hopefully new leadership will bring something innovative.