Rockstar releases Grand Theft Auto V trailer

Last week, gamers everywhere rejoiced as it was officially confirmed that the latest instalment in the phenomenally popular Grand Theft Auto series is in development. Today, Rockstar has released the first trailer, giving a preview of what's to come in GTA V.

Recent rumours suggested that the game would take place in a fictionalised version of Los Angeles, and this appears to be right - the setting for the game is the California city of Los Santos, with plenty of visual cues to its real-world LA counterpart; Los Santos even has its own version of the Hollywood sign.

The first trailer is still a little light on detail, although there's obviously the usual mix of violence, high speed car chases, escaping from the cops, and a generous helping of prostitutes.

Rockstar has evidently worked hard to create a virtual city and gaming environment that builds on the vibrant, bustling metropolis of GTA IV's Liberty City. Let's just hope we don't have too long to wait for it.

Check out the trailer right now on the Rockstar site.

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jamesyfx said,
Looks great. Saints Row the Third is less appealing, purely because of how over the top it is.

I tried, I really tried to like SR, simply because usually I like "getting more of the same stuff" that I already like.
But SR is... over the top as you said it.
Ridiculous franchise, they could make it such a better game, but I guess they desperately tried to be (at least "slightly") "different" to not be too much of a copycat...
Meh... better copy well than remake bad.

Glassed Silver:mac

I like the amount of detail. Unimpressed storywise, we shall see about that.

For me, regardless of the above, it will still be highly enjoyable because of the usual stuff - free roam, big amount of vehicles, big city that feels more and more alive in each rendition, epic radio stations, and large doses of Rockstar trademark satire.

gaurav said,
Somebody bring Fernando the **** back from Vice City!

6 will problably be vice city......again.....

I really like how they put a "Five" across "V". Reminds me that V is actually a roman numeral and means "five". Too bad they didn't do that with the previous GTA games... /s

I was kinda hoping they wouldn't release a new one until the next xbox but oh well, this looks pretty good. Looks to be running on the same engine, i just hope the driving is revamped and so is the sluggish controls of your character.

Awesome can't wait, should have my new XBOX by then. Not even going to bother getting it for the PC this time around.

God... people will be disappointed when they realize that it is only a a re-imaging of one cities from San Andreas.

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