Samsung thinks big with 7-inch smartphone

Remember the days when everyone seemed to be boasting about how small their phones were? That all seems like a lifetime ago, as manufacturers continue to push out ever-larger devices to satisfy user demand for bigger and better touchscreens. Even entry-level devices like the Lumia 630 now feature 4.5-inch displays, while Apple too is believed to be readying iPhones with much larger screens than the current 4-inch models.

Ever get the feeling phones are getting too big? (Samsung Galaxy Note 8 pictured.)

So perhaps it’s no surprise that Samsung is readying a new addition to its Galaxy smartphone line-up with a huge 7-inch screen. The SM-T2558 was spotted by SamMobile on the FCC’s site, although it is not yet known if the device will actually go on sale in the US.

Despite its immense size, it won’t be a new flagship for the South Korean tech giant; in fact, the device has a rather underwhelming set of specs, particularly given its dimensions. The SM-T2558 is expected to offer just 720p resolution on its enormous screen, with a quad-core 1.2GHz processor (perhaps Snapdragon 400) under the hood, along with 1.5GB of RAM and 8GB of onboard storage, with a microSD slot (supporting cards up to 128GB) if you need more space.

An 8MP rear camera will be included too, along with a 2MP front-facing cam. The spec sheet currently suggests that the handset comes with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, but this is likely to change to 4.4 KitKat at launch.

PhoneArena put together the comparison shot shown above after the SM-T2558 was first spotted last month with China Mobile logos, showing the new device alongside Samsung’s 5.1-inch Galaxy S5, which should give you some idea of just how vast this thing is.

Details of pricing and availability remain a mystery for now. 

Source: SamMobile | images: 1); 2) SamMobile/FCC; 3) SamMobile/TENAA; 4) PhoneArena

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Well, looks like I could be the only one that could be interested a bit into something like this if the specs would not be so mediocre...

You know guys, my Nexus 7 (2013) follow me pretty much everywhere and fit 95% of my pants pockets and while it stick out a bit but as long it don't botter me and I forget it's there and people get all "WTF magic trick!" when I take it out I'm all right with having a tablet in my pocket. Also, who use a phone to the face to talk in 2014? Get some headphones with a mic/remote guys!

I tested my Nexus 7 last year to see how a 7" phone might work. Horrible. It's too big to hold for long and in no way fits into a pocket without sticking out. 5" or smaller screen seems best for someone that keeps their phone in a pocket. Yeah, 7" is a very usable size for a tablet. But, for a phone? No thanks. If they do release a 7" phone Samsung will deserve all the ridicule that'll be flung at them.

The size war is now idiotic. Mini tablets used to sit at 7" while phablets were at 6". Now I am going to buy a 24" mobile phone :D
Samsung is getting desperate to keep their hype going.

I'd say this is getting stupid now but I started getting stupid along time ago. I really hope 4" and 4.3" screens don't die out in the future and all we are stuck with is 5"+ massive phones that are the size of house bricks.

That's a tablet, with phone capabilities... just use it with earbuds. They're not forcing you to hold it like a normal phone over your ear :p

This is good for Samsung. They have to make a device that looks completely different than Apple's so Apple wont sue them for it....

Anyway, this is stupid beyond belief. Unless you use bluetooth all the time to make phone calls, this is going to look dumb making calls on. A phone isnt a phone unless you can hold it in your hand comfortable and without looking dumb.

Just noticed on the picture that the guy's hair has turned purple near where the mobile phone is located, must be radiation poisoning (time for tin foil metal hats then)…


Initially NO, but I remember making fun of a friend who had a 3 or 4 inch smart phone with keyboard many years before iPhone, and now I have a 5 inch Android :-)

so, No, but maybe YES :-)

JHBrown said,
LOL! I just had a scary visual of someone putting a 12" beast up to their head.

Insert mum joke here _________


Now come on, surely that has gone past the "phone" line in the sand into "tablet with GSM" territory.

And "phablet" is nonsense.

Nik L said,
Now come on, surely that has gone past the "phone" line in the sand into "tablet with GSM" territory.

And "phablet" is nonsense.

The problem is, they've done it before.
The 3G versions' of the original galaxy tab and the tab 7.7 after it could take phone calls.

And the Asus fonepad would like a word too...

bhast2 said,
that is dumb

I think it just supposed to be used with handsfree accessory, not the first 7" tablet with sim card slot from them either.

Yeah like when They made those 7 inch tablets only AFTER Apple did.

And dont forget those 5-inch phones. Totally ripped off Apple.

Oh, wait...

Ozood said,
Yeah like when They made those 7 inch tablets only AFTER Apple did.

And dont forget those 5-inch phones. Totally ripped off Apple.

Oh, wait...

But... but... Samsung has ROUNDED CORNERS! How DARE they rip off Apple! Rounded Corners are MAGICAL and only allowed on true innovators like Apple!