Samsung's gamepad is a Microsoft lawsuit in the waiting

Alongside the release of the Galaxy S4 and a multitude of accessories this evening, a certain peripheral catches the most attention for all the wrong reasons.

The accessory is powered by dual AAA batteries, incorporates a D-pad and shoulder buttons and connects wireless via Bluetooth to your Samsung smartphone or (small) tablet. Expected to launch this summer, this unnamed gaming accessory is simply a concept device for now. Its launch, however, may not see the light of day - its shocking resemblance to Microsoft's Xbox controller is likely to turn a few heads in Microsoft's legal team.

Our own contributor, Stephen Robinson, weighs in with his thoughts on the stark likeness to Microsoft's offering:

Samsung were previously criticized for directly copying Apple's Smart Cover with it's own 'Smart Case' for the Galaxy Tab 10.1, hastily removing it from sale to avoid further embarrassment. As Samsung is embroils itself in further legal battles following the crushing defeat against Apple back in August, can the Korean company really afford any more claims of illegitimacy?

Source: Engadget

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Could it be they just took apart an xbox controller as a q&d way to build this mockup and plan to use their own parts for the final design? The article does say "concept design" after all.

Rip off? Who cares!
Just like with Tires, Windows, and basically every other thing out.... once a sweet spot is hit, it is normally smart to keep with the design.
You wouldn't want a gamepad that is horribly uncomfortable and almost non usable because they didn't want to "copy" one of the few ways to make a dual analog controller.
I feel like the community here is too up their own ass lately with many things coming out. Bitching about any little stupid thing possible.
This is awesome for mobile gaming and should be accepted. Instead, you get a bunch of people going, " OMG THE TIRES ARE ALL ROUND STILL! "

2 things

1 its a mock up concept (so probs not final appearance) and
2 MS wont see it competing against any of their offerings and contrary to belief the image whores are Apple who would go after this (if its actually the final design) in courts.

Plenty of 3rd party XBox 360 controllers on the market (all licenced) why would this be any different??

Storm in a teacup!

Do ANY of you bitching and moaning at Samsung realize there are many other actual XBOX controllers made by different manufactuers that look exactly a hell of a lot more like the 360 controller?

I know... Razar, AfterGlow, a EU Controller (forgot it's name) and tuns of other controller from all over the place. So why would that meter? Shape is different! lol People should get their fact straight , sorry but just saying'

2xSilverKnight said,
A lot of butthurt people in here. Remember that quote from Steve Jobs ?

...and look where Jobs is today. Karma wins.

Silly, all they would needed to have done would be to make the buttons a different colour. As much as I despise patent trolling, in this case Samsung really have not helped themselves.

The button coloring is a bit much, but the Gamecube had that design, and some of the button color, before the Xbox came out. Only difference was the order of the buttons, but the sticks where in the same place. It'd be a dumb lawsuit though. No one will mistake that for an Xbox 360 controller, or if they do, they don't have a clue about much in life.

I'd echo the sentiment that microsoft didn't invent that layout. There are hundreds of similar looking products on the market, that layout works and is what people expect.

Just because the buttons are the same colours doesn't exactly make it a rip off. No-one can own 3 primary colours + green.

Also it seems to have two extra buttons that the 360 pad is missing.

Meh, it may be a kinda ripoff, but who really cares? Is it in direct competition with the Xbox controllers (which will be new with the next gen console anyway)? And maybe it could be a good thing that the "industry standard" that people get used to is more along the lines of Xbox than its competitors?

Well in that case I'll post my vote for Dual Shock layout as industry standard, as of this moment right now, between us, we have 1 vote each

BailaSheyla said,
How else would a game controller look like?
How about a different layout, different colours, different translucency on the buttons, you know, like every other non-xbox controller out there.

Yes the Pro Controller looks like the Xbox controller but there is a reason.
Let's start by looking at the Wii Nunchuck controller:
They prettymuch took the middle part and cut it off.
Lets look at the Pro Controller. If you take two Nunchuck controllers and stick a piece of plastic in between and glue them together you get the Pro Controller.
So really Nintendo has the components already made they just "glued" them together.

They even copied the horrible d-pad from the 360 controller. If they're going to rip this blatantly, they should have used the design from the PlayStation d-pad.

panacea said,
There is a reason they are so popular, their products are mostly good. they make many great products that people LOVE.

Um, no. People like the Xbox, and Samsung hope people will like their product by copying it. Same goes for their older Galaxy smartphones, they copied Apple.

panacea said,
There is a reason they are so popular, their products are mostly good. they make many great products that people LOVE.

Actually the reason is that samsung bought the market, most peopel don't realize this unless they know something of the retail side. They did it with both mobile and TV's and are now attempting it with white goods. but their low quality on those are so obvious that it's not working as well, even when they offer what on the paper specs are far superior products for really lows costs with 10 year warranty. peopel would rather go for another budget brand that doesn't do as many kilo's, Revolutions, has all the fancy functions and lower warranty. since they know at least these machines will last and work for 5 years, and they don't have to argue with Samsung useless support.

This is what Samsung does to every market they want to take over in, offer apparently good products at low prices and with better warranties if needed. then when they have market dominance and reputation, they balance their products and prices according to the real market. For example a Samsung series 5 TV today, is a mid range TV. a few years ago when they where buying this market, it offered picture quality above that of it's price range and samsung lost money on them.

Wow that is a hilarious rip off, the buttons even have the same see-through colour effect... Samsung really do love to copy other people designs

ingramator said,
Wow that is a hilarious rip off, the buttons even have the same see-through colour effect... Samsung really do love to copy other people designs

Colors and buttons i would agree with. Dont see why Samsung couldnt change those. Only part of the device that really looks like MS.

I actually wish they would standardize the button letters a little. I remember back in the day playing PS2, Xbox, and Dreamcast the same day, and getting all mixed up.

Doesn't look like xbox controller, just the setup is similar. And well,thats not a new design or layout MS invented..
However coloring the ABXY buttons identical with the xbox controller is dumb. If they did the colors different I doubt anyone would claim its a rip off.
Nintendo and Sega both used the green/red/blue/yellow collors for the ABXY buttons, but they all did it in a slightly different pattern.

You missed that they use the exact same D-pad, same sticks, same layout and same semi-translucent button colors.

Looking at that, I can see why, unless Microsoft approved.
(something I wish they would consider, for a small royalty you could make it almost identical in looks and operation to the xbox controller)