Seagate announces new, cheaper Wireless Plus external hard drive options

The sizes of music, video, and picture files are getting bigger every day. Ever feel like your smartphone is filling up even faster than you thought? Well, Seagate has just announced new Wireless Plus external hard drive models to use with your smartphone for added storage.

The new lineup consists of options ranging from cheaper solutions, to higher capacity models (although more expensive,) depending on what you're aiming to use it for. Previously, the external drive came in only a 1TB model. Now it ships with storage sizes from 500GB, to 2TB, which are $149.99 and 199.99, with the original 1TB model at $179.99. This will be a steal compared to purchasing a 64GB iPhone 5S, which can reach costs of $849.99 on the T-Mobile network. Adding the fact that iPhones do not have any slots for additional storage makes these hard drives even more enticing.

Seagate's Wireless Plus external hard drives are completely wireless, with a built-in battery that can last up to ten hours on a full charge. They can be used by tablets, smartphones, and PCs with no USB ports available for use. The Wireless Plus can also be used as a WiFi hub to allow up to 7 devices to use a shared WiFi connection. There are apps available for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

Source: Business Wire via UberGizmo | Image via Shutterstock

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I wonder if this drive will still be hackable using the firmware from

good grief -- Is everything going to be wireless ? Cell phones, printers, house phones, routers, remotes, TV cable boxes, GPS, radio .... You have got to wonder how all that radiation will affect people and pets.

Except that we're penetrated by numerous radio beams from interstellar objects and our sun by similar quantities and often even more. Not every wave length we use is as healthy, but most we use cause no harm.

Thief000 said,
And people wonder why fertility graphs show that many if not most males will be born sterile after 2040.

Dildos have been wireless now for over 50 years. But we don't see female fertility going down. (Just for the record, I don't intend the term "going down" in any way that might be construed as sexist or discriminatory to women, lesbians or hermaphrodites.)