SkyDrive not getting rumored music player built by interns

Back in December, there was a rumor that Microsoft would be bringing a music player to SkyDrive and the possibilities of cloud streaming audio got many users excited. If you are still holding out for a SkyDrive music player, we have some bad news for you.

The SkyDrive team is doing an AMA on Reddit, and one of the questions asked to them was about the music player for SkyDrive. Omar Shahine chimed in on that rumor and unfortunately, it was a project built by interns and there are no plans, at this time, to implement the feature.

Q: A few months ago there was a rumour that you were looking at a music player. Cloud storage for Xbox Music would be awesome. Any plans to add something like this? for music we own?

A: That is correct. About 2 years ago we had a bunch of interns here and one of the projects they came up with was building an HTML5 music player in SkyDrive. We never actually released this and have no plans to do so at this time, but that's why you saw the rumor about us doing a music player. Like many groups at Microsoft, we have ongoing conversations with the Xbox music team about their experiences, and as you probably know they just launched a new web Xbox music web experience which we think is pretty awesome (

With that being said, it is always possible that Microsoft could change course and introduce the feature in the future, but for now, it looks like this is off the table at the moment.

While we would love to see this feature hit SkyDrive, it’s likely a result of the Music labels getting finicky about the streaming capabilities and would likely require new contracts (different from the ones for Xbox Music), and may turn into an entire legal mess that is not worth the time for the SkyDrive team to pursue.

Source: Reddit

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Someone asked the following
Q:What if I wanted to upload my scanned family album to SkyDrive and it has photos of me and my siblings swimming nude as a kid? Is that allowed?

A: omarshahineMicrosoft SkyDrive
yes. def allowed.

Good question. My daughter is always running around naked and my Windows Phone uploads pictures automatically to SkyDrive. Always wondered if that would get anyone in hot water.

briangw said,
Except that the XBox Music web app is for paid subscription iirc. At least this would have been free....

To clarify, you do get some free streaming through web but it's 6 hrs/month.

Yeah they really need to implement this. I want more of a storage locker situation ala Google Music. Xbox music and it's 'matching' service doesn't really cut it.

This was the one feature that got me to switch from xbox music over to google music.... As nice as the new xbox music website is subscriptions don't have every song and there is no good way to add missing songs to the xbox music cloud where you can very easily with google music. Having ALL my music in the cloud is very useful to me vs. the xbox music way of some things can be synced through the cloud and your personal collections you have to manage independently and multiple times for each device.

I was hoping this would be real so I could use skydrive to store the songs missing from the music pass. Just makes it that much more unlikely I will come back to xbox music as I get more and more entrenched in google music.

I still don't get why I can't upload my own music to Xbox Music that they don't have. It's the only cloud service that doesn't support this. And no, matching is not the same as uploading.

Totally with ya on that one. Just confirms my feeling that streaming is not a solution to removable storage that allows us to carry our entire music collection with us without incurring any degradation in sound quality or breaks music playback.

Also, another tip, but it only works on Windows 8.1. What you want to do is upload all your music into a folder on your skydrive. Then you want to add that folder which contains your music on skydrive into your music library. Open up the Xbox music app and your music on your skydrive will be on your xbox music list.

Well, I don't see why you need a built in player to skydrive if they allow you to stream it down to a device/player. The API is public so anyone should be able to support accessing and playing the files from skydrive without much issue.

SkyDrive not getting rumored music player built by interns, yet

Fixed that for you. They stated that it's not planned for now, but it's Always possible. However, I don't think it's a feature I would use.

What is interesting to me is that some time ago any music I put in my Skydrive automatically got album art as well as tag information from what looked like the Zune/XBox Music library. I suspect that there will be an HTML XBox Music player or direct access of music there by a client, but its not ready. Maybe the 8.1 or 8.2 ecosystem will provide it.