Sony Announces Its First CompactFlash Cards

That's right, for once, Sony is following a standard (the CompactFlash standard) instead of offering its own formats. Sony was forced to go through with this one though. Sony's Alpha A100 D-SLR supports both CompactFlash and Memory Stick (PRO) Duo. The Sony-branded CompactFlash Type I series will be available in 66x and 133x flavors; capacities will range from 1GB to 4GB.

"High end digital camera enthusiasts, from consumers to professional photographers, have a huge and growing demand for storage capacity. With the addition of CompactFlash cards to its product range Sony widens the choice for users of D-SLR cameras, such as the new Sony A100 model, that are looking for fast and reliable recording media from a leading brand," said Renaud Isnard from Sony Europe's Network Media division.

View: Sony Alpha A100 D-SLR
News source: DailyTech

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I suppose it's because they bought KonicaMinoltas high-end division and their cameras always used CF. I guess the A100 is a model they got for free with that deal, took it as it was, pimped it up with a MS-slot and put it on sale. More or less that way round...

Well, it only took them 13 years. They may have just beat their record for how long it took them to give up on Beta and join the rest of the world with VHS.

I HATE memory stick duo. What I would give for just all devices (phones, cameras' PDA's and MP3 players) all to use one type of card, it would make life so much easier.