Sprint Pays $57 Million in Age Discrimination Suit

Elderly former Sprint employees now have a check to look forward to in the mail as U.S. District Judge John Lungstrum approved a $57 million settlement yesterday resolving a series of lawsuits claiming Sprint Nextel Corp. targeted older workers during companywide layoffs. Filed in 2003, the lawsuit claims Sprint Corp. illegally moved employees who were 40 years or older to positions that were then eliminated as part of the company's efforts to scale back. The wireless phone company has denied the allegations, saying it settled the suit to save on legal costs. The settlement covers 1,697 former employees laid off between October 2001 and March 2003. Subtracting about $21 million for legal fees and expenses, the plaintiffs will split the remaining money, receiving between $4,226 and $35,738 each, depending on a settlement scale, or an average of $20,330.

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well the cost charged PER employee is resonable.... ata around 13000.. but as a whole (1700 exployees), that comes to 21 million which is a bit ridiculous.

21million in legal fee's and expenses?, pleeeeease!... i sure hope those lawyers aint getting to much of that 21 million cause lawyers are over paid if you ask me.

maybe im wrong but 21million seems like overkill for expenses!... cause when u really think about 21million thats ALOT!