Twitter generates 250 million messages a day, says CEO

The two biggest social networking services, at least in the Western world, are Facebook and Twitter. While Facebook may claim that it has over 750 million registered users, Twitter is still growing in both registered users and in messages generated by its users. reports that during a tech conference on Monday evening, Twitter's CEO Dick Costolo said that the site now generates a massive 250 million messages per day. That compares to "just" 100 million messages per day which Twitter recorded at the beginning of 2011.

Costolo also said that Twitter now has over 100 million active users globally and that half of those people log in to use Twitter every day. Mobile use of Twitter is also growing at a rate of 40 percent a quarter. Last week, Apple's release of the iOS 5 operating system also included better integration with Twitter. As a result, Costolo said that daily sign ups went up three times just on the first day of iOS 5's release.

Twitter is still a privately owned company but Costolo claims that it doesn't feel the need to launch a public stock offering anytime soon, mainly because it has raised $800 million from investors. He also said that Twitter is putting in more ads in its messages, but that users shouldn't feel like they are being flooded with paid ads, saying, "Twitter will introduce ads that resonate with what Twitter users are used to."

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What the CEO should have said is:

"Twitter: Assisting in the generation of national social anarchy since 2007..."


"Twitter: Not generating $250 Million for our shareholders a day because we don't have a clear line of revenue..."

Most of them being "eating my lunch #lol #funny".

While I can agree that some information is made available faster this way, in that case these numbers effectively become meaningless.

Thats unreal. I have actually never bothered with Twitter before, I know its a common misconception to think that it's main use is for celebrities and the like to share their (often useless) thoughts, but what else is Twitter really good for? Not trying to be sarcastic or anything here, just curious

The value of twitter is derived from the people you interact with. My list is exclusively my circle of friends and my elected representatives. We use it as sort of a public/group version of AIM: "hey everyone, going to be at the pub for lunch at noon: meet up if you can" or "check out this article about <stuff we're all interested in>"

Because the conversations are public information like "what are other people's circles of friends talking about?" becomes available. If me and my crew are interested in a local town-hall meeting I can look to see if other people in town are planning on going. Is there terrible traffic on one of the roads I'm taking home? Does my local ISP have connectivity issues effecting my neighbourhood? That's all there.

If there's plenty of garbage on twitter it's because people like talking about garbage: I'm sure any outsider would find the nonsense you chat about with your friends completely banal. The solution, of course, is to pay less attention to what strangers talk about and focus more on the stuff you care about.