Twitter raises $35M to go from geek to mainstream

With $35 million backing Twitter to help it go from geek to mainstream, the amount is expected to help it keep up with the growth it has recently received. Twitter has seen a 900% growth in users in a year, with a wide range of users and businesses reporting every event of their daily activities.

Twitter hasn't actually made any revenue off the business as of yet, where it mostly focuses on updating their servers, paying 29 employees and surcharges from text messaging fees. With the added $35 million to help turn the company into Twitter Inc by going from a geek tool to a mainstream utility, the company can focus on revenue this year.

The microblogging web site is the fastest growing new social tool on the web for a range of users from teenagers to businesses like Microsoft.

Even with recent attacks on the web site reported here on Neowin, the site continues its push forward to becoming the newest social tool for all users alike. While the site already has desktop applications, the possible future of Twitter could see add-on tools, like Facebook and MySpace have already included, to incorporate a wider user of Twitter on other sites.

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Um, I'm pretty sure that I read an article earlier this week that said that most users leave very shortly after signing up, and that user loyalty is very low? Seems like most people sign up, realize that the site is pretty much the same thing as status updates on other social network sites (Facebook), can't justify signing in to another website all the time just for status updates, and leave again. I would imagine that most people that would use Twitter would use other social networking sites anyways.

So, if this is correct, the 900% increase in users would be completely misleading. I would be more interested in hearing their increase in ACTIVE users.

So, considering that they can't seem to keep users, and haven't made any revenue yet, I don't understand why anyone would throw their money away like this. And if it's that easy, sign me up, I could use some extra money.

All these type site are nothing but a place for "twits" (thus the name) to hang out and cause problems on the net as a whole for spreading the disease!!

Sure as heck are a lot of people out there with no life, isn't there?

I don't get it either.
From what I have heard, it is like facebook, but only status updates. What a bore! Why wants to know what I am doing every minute of everyday (apart from the UK Government!).

Ha ha ha ha! Great joke...

Having money won't make something as useless and unpopular as Twitter become "Mainstream"... It will only be more painful for the developers to watch it drown.

There is no way to verify who you are talking to (or twittering to).
Snoop Doggy Dog or LL Cool J or someone...had advertisements to Omaha Steakhouse

Bah...if you like it - use it....just seems like a conduit for advertising
or opportunity for pranksters

You hate a website in which people can talk to their friends, family or people of interest, sharing their daily lives with each other in which no one forces you to read in any way whatsoever? Honestly, I've never understood people who act like signing up means they have to listen to people that bore them. Why would you follow a boring person?!!