Widescreen Monitors' Increasing Appeal

Don't be surprised if the next monitor you get from your IT department is larger than your current one, particularly as more and more business applications are adapted to take advantage of widescreen monitors. "We're starting to see more business applications being formatted for a wide screen," said Rhoda Alexander, director of monitor research at iSuppli Corp. in El Segundo, Calif. The market research firm predicts that worldwide shipments of wide-format LCD monitors will nearly quadruple from 9.1 million units in 2006 to 35.8 million units this year.

And businesses that are buying widescreen monitors may tend to pick 20-in. or larger models instead of 19-in. ones because the bigger size is a slightly better fit for some applications, according to Alexander. She said that some documents will default to a two-page spread when displayed on a widescreen monitor. But in a 19-in. model, that page may be cut off slightly, Alexander said.

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wide is smaller? Less height I agree but so wide! Perfect for photo editing wheee :)
Cant go back with my new LG 2000:1 that does 1680x1080

If you're going to spend the money, better to get a 24 inch, 1920x1200 monitor. I have a 19 incher at 1440x900, and it's sitting in a storage room because it totally sucks for everything I do on a day to day basis.

Fortunately, I got it cheap, and it will at least prove useful as a temporary replacement if another monitor fails.

I have been sayin for a long time now, that 17/19" wide monitors are **** as they are so short in height, with crappy resolutions and rip-off prices when the actual panel size is smaller than the equivlent sqaure monitor. The two best monitor manufacutres (dell and apple) dont bother with these silly little widescreens, and go for the decent 20" plus ones.

I disagree, not as much height yes, but crappy resolutions? my 20 dell has 1680x1050 thats not crappy, plus it gives me more workspace on the desktop as well. I'd rather have wide anyday over fullscreen.

I have a 19 incher at 1440x900, and it's sitting in a storage room because it totally sucks for everything I do on a day to day basis.

We have two of them...... never had any issues in any apps. No cut offs....no probs in games...nadda.. but...each person has different needs.

I have a 20" WS LCD at home and at work, both of which I enjoy running, nothing is "smaller" as some folks have stated.

Technically a 4:3 monitor has more screen area compared to a 16:10 monitor with the same diagonal size, but the widescreen aspect ratio is more comfortable on the eyes and smaller displays are slightly easier to drive when it comes to gaming and framerate.

I am very happy with my 20" WS.

I don't think 19 inch ws are that bad if your coming from a 19 in reg screen. I would have got a bigger one maybe 22 inches but I needed one with a good response time for gaming and this Samsung looks great.

personally I'd only go WS if I was preparred to go 23 - 24 inch (I have a 24 at the moment). Otherwise I think I'm better off with a 19" 4:3 display. I dont know but I always feel the 20" ones are kind of small still.

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