Windows 7 Beta will be available for public on Friday

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, announced at CES that Windows 7 will see its public debut on Friday 9th January. Microsoft is currently readying the beta for MSDN and TechNet subscribers and this will be available during Thursday 8th January (or sooner).

It's fully confirmed that the beta 1 build will be 7000 that leaked shortly after Christmas. Our members have been discussing the various leaks and Windows 7 availability all day in one of our more popular forum threads. According to sources close to Microsoft, the company is significantly further on from build 7000 and it's understood that the development has branched from 7003 onwards ready for the RC/RTM stages. Microsoft is also providing a QFE patch for the MP3 corruption issues that have plagued build 7000, this should be online shortly as KB961367 for those with official access.

We first unveiled the PDC build here at Neowin in October 2008. During the next few weeks we will be looking at individual features of Windows 7 compared to its predecessor, Windows Vista. So far we have the following overviews for you to check out:

Over the new few weeks we will be adding many more focus items on Windows 7 including Touch, Internet Explorer 8, Windows 7 networking and media enhancements. Stay tuned for the ultimate Windows 7 focus from Enjoy the beta :)

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public beta? sorry to be a goobar, but does that mean the average joe can download it and try it? my favorite leak site has lost it's way somehow... instead i got a stella cruella video disguised as an iso of the same size. poop salad sure is a strange fetish.

I can confirm Windows 7 Beta 1 x86/x64 is available on MSDN right now, with Product Keys and the QFE related to the MP3 file corruption

I think the girl that was showing off windows 7 would have never been up their had she not been attractive and had a sexy voice.

I also think the group tripod looked like they should have been preforming at a Linux Keynote.

WoW i really cant wait to for the final version of windows7 i have vista and i like using adobe programs wich is really bad at vista and i really hope it wont be so bad in windows7 :D.

Btw do any of you can tell me if it be good to install the beta in my pc? because im thinking to install it in a virtual machine and not on my actual pc =/... but idk...

Since the Beta will be 7000 and was leaked before many MSDN, technet and official beta tester got their hands on their copy, its not a surprise nor time to celebrate

Why do we do this (scramble to be the first ones to download a beta)? I must be showing my age already... I am well short of forty (more than a decade) and I already could care less about this. This is really nothing more than warmed over Vista. Yes, it is what Vista could and should have been. It, however, is simply too late. Further, the pricing structure will not change. We are still going to be Home, Business, Ultimate. They of course have market research studies to backup their need for multiple products... limited features and so forth. What a load of BS.

What's worse, is there is no alternative. Sure, we've got Linux. It makes an excellent server and an OK desktop. It lacks much in the way of commercial, polished software. The opposite could be said for Apple. Here is a wonderful product (though again, corporately reduced in functionality to meet IP concerns) that is tied to niche, overpriced hardware.

So basically in the end... we have nothing. Three dead end markets that have pretty much reached their peek potential. This is more depressing than the contemporary state humanity.

Maybe I should celebrate the public release by downloading it, getting as drunk as possible and swallowing my gun. It would be a fitting end to such a worthless, unproductive and meaningless existence.

On the plus side, have fun with the beta, I am sure you'll enjoy it...

Must be. I'm 27 and I have a fetish for having the latest software.
Maybe if I had to pay full price for Windows I wouldn't care so much. Benefits of working at Microsoft!

Wow, you guys are soo cool. I'm 41 and actually pretty excited about Friday. Besides botching a cliche' you are also fairly uninformed, keep up the weak work.

How exactly am I uniformed Bob? Windows 7 is Vista repackaged. I've had a pretty good look at it by now. Yes, there are changes. So what. It is nothing worth getting excited about. We instead get Vista with a new interface (super-bar and ribbons) and a number of so-called features that we want. Wow! The most interesting among them for me at least would be the ability to boot from images and direct2d. Again, wow!!!

Yes, it uses less resources and is a bit more dumbed down that Vista. I, however, have been using Vista since Jan 30 07 (not including betas and previews) and really can not stomach another slow, glacial change.

I really think the only way to solve the problem is with a complete reboot. Start over with the NT kernel and a new API. Develop a new interface. Give everyday consumers the option of Hyper-visor or some kind of classic VM for running past applications. They have done some initial research on this concept and I think it is about time that it is brought to market. This is a bit of the approach that you get with Azure, but it is far too limited.

My other comments stand as well. The Linux market is a dead-end because of a lack of commercial ventures. Every year is the year of the Linux desktop and that simply will never happen. As for OSX, it is a nice piece of software... at least as capable as Windows, but it is tied to a hardware company. This is another dead-end.

What an utter waste of time and resources.

I don't think it's about "the first to download". It's that Microsoft is only allowing 2.5 million people to get the public beta. After that it's lights out. So people want to get in on the public beta testing. 2.5 million may seem like a lot but that's spread out over the entire planet over all languages.

I don't think there should be so many multiple editions though. The only thing that separates them are the extras and features? No, there should be Home and Business only. Business should obviously be catered to the corporate world with all the group policy features, etc. The Home version should not be able to connect to a domain, etc. I really believe that all the Vista Home versions needed the backup features that Business/Ultimate had. That should go across the board.

Why not just develop one product and has multiple default installs on the same disc (like Vista) and at the same price (not like Vista)? I really don't see why it would be necessary to charge for the ability to connect to a domain, use the SUA subsystem or perform an image backup of the PC. I would suggest that they throw in hypervisor as well... but than someone would probably make a comment about me being anti-corporate (or something).

I understand with your comments about the one chance of getting to test Windows 7 with the public beta. I am not so sure that this will be the only release. Windows Vista had two public releases. To someone who is still using XP it would probably be pretty exciting, to a Vista user, a mild enhancement with a number of smaller, nice features.

I still hold, however, that it is a bit of a waste of resources. A large build cycle for such a minor release might backfire on Microsoft. A slow reboot would have been a better option. Separate the Windows releases and have a consumer (like Win9x) and a next generation build (like NT). Windows 7 could be the consumer/business existing software generation and a nice market could be developed for testing a next generation software paradigm that goes beyond Windows Azure.

As someone who has skipped[*] Vista, I like the way Win7 is shaping up. Maybe if I would've been using Vista since Day One, I wouldn't be getting terribly excited.

Going from Vista to Win7 probably appears like a minor update. But, going from XP to "what Vista should've been from the get-go" sounds like a much more interesting proposition...

[*] I still use it on a regular basis though for work and such...just not using it as my primary OS

Need some cheese with that whining Blu? If you don't want the beta don't get it. Problem solved.

Claiming that 7 is a "warmed up" Vista demonstrates pretty clearly that you don't know what you're talking about. Maybe Macs are more your speed. Give them a try, they only have one mouse button.

I downloaded the torrent. Its really easy to get. You can get it now if you have a subscription. Why wait until Friday? It has the same code base. It is warmed over Vista. If you don't believe me... just go to either MSDN or TechNET and get the docs.

On the Mac issue, I actually prefer Linux or a true monolithic kernel install of BSD. I, however, will admit that OSX has got Windows beat. It has better features and more productive applications. It overall works better. I am not sure if the comment about a one button mouse was a wise crack... but you can pretty much plug any keyboard or mouse in a Mac (yes, even the PPC versions).

Finally on the matter of my name. Maybe it would help you if I separated it. BLU (no its not for a Manga company) Arash. It also has nothing to do with having the blues (i.e. depression).

Must be REALLY showing my age then. I'm OVER 40 and don't give a rats a** about this what so ever. Whether free or not.

Frankly, I could (and do) care less than less!!

Already on to RTM? So what we see in the beta is more or less what we're getting? Dont get me wrong, I like what I see, but most of the improvements I see scream "we know we did it wrong with vista, so here's windows 7 = vista done right". And that argument alone doesnt justify paying for windows7, if anything it makes me want my money back. Of course I know it's not RTM yet and to me it looks like they still have aces up their sleeves and dont want to make the mistakes they made with vista. Of course, a lot of vista problems could be blamed on hardware vendors, but this time drivers will work on 7 too (kinda like... windows 2000 and XP?). Not to mention the superbar...!

I can see Windows 7 listed in my MSDN account under the Categories, but no items to download yet! Bring it on MS!