Windows 8.1 build 9471 x64 has leaked

Windows 8.1 build 9471 has leaked which is the first leak in several months for the Windows 8.1 platform. This build, unlike some of the previous builds, is for the x64 architecture. 

This is the first leak in what has been several dry months for Windows beta enthusiasts but if you are not wanting to risk it by downloading a leaked copy, Windows 8.1 should hit RTM in the next few weeks. Neowin has confirmed with an individual who has installed the build, that it is legitimate

Windows 8.1 will bring quite a few new features to the table including the return of the Start button, enhancements to the Modern interface, and a bunch more. Steve Ballmer has referred to Windows 8.1 as a refined blend when making the comparisons of Windows 8.1 to coffee. 

As with any leaked build, we will not post direct links to the content and know that installing any software from unofficial sources, is done at your own risk. 

Thanks for the tip MS-7! | Image Credit: @sm4llzie

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Win8.1 RTM final version delivered soon: version Build 9600
Current time when Microsoft Windows 8.1 RTM to OEM distribute the final version of the final moments. Message is displayed on Win8.1 RTM Microsoft has compiled the final version of the work, while the version number of the locked Build 6.3.9600.16384.

Hope it comes out before my Lenovo X1 Carbon Touch comes in later this month so I can hit the ground running all fresh and clean from the get-go

trek said,
Is Titlebar text still unreadable on a black window border color?

Each time I ask Microsoft about this, they give me the run around, and then go quiet when I present them with proof on how to replicate the issue. HIGHLY frustrating.

0nyX said,
Looks nice but judging from the video the xbox Music and xbox Video are still useless crap.

It's hilarious how xbox music is crap both on Windows 8 AND on Windows Phone 8. I have no idea how they managed to screw BOTH clients up.

Oh, and no Xbox Music client for Windows know, the most used desktop OS in the consumer market today. If Xbox Music is serious about competing, they need to make it available on Android and iOS as well. In fact, go even further and make a client for OSX. Then we'll see some real traction.

Zune still connects to the same store that Xbox Music does so you can use that on Windows 7. They don't need to make Xbox Music available for Android and iOS as they already have their own Music clients, Play Music and iTunes respectively.

i am still annoyed with the picture , music, video folders on the left pane, and i cant hide them without hiding my drives too, so annoying,

First leak in several months? Surely the last leaked build was only around May, and that's only 3 months ago.

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Several months ago from now, means around January-February, not May. Regardless
of what any current definition says, I'm sticking with what I was originally taught.

If several had always meant "more than 2" we'd all be counting the seven before three!

DJGM said,
No ... "several" is more than 6. while 3 or 4 is only a "few". At least that what I was taught
at primary school nearly 35 years ago.

Well, I'm sorry but you're wrong. The dictionary definition is: "Being of a number more than two or three but not many". It never refers to a number as high as seven. If you want to continue using the term incorrectly then that is entirely up to you. For what it's worth, my parents are both in their sixties and they use the same definition as me - more than two but certainly less than seven. It isn't a generational thing.

if anyone is having the issue with windows fax and scan with win8.1, here is the fix I found (I use the computer for faxing for work).
to get FAX working in 8.1:
Copying FXST30.dll from Win 7 or 8 to Win 8.1 appears to have been the fix. This requires taking ownership of file on Win8.1, then replace the file with the one from 7 or 8.

Tyler R. said,
What's different?

Assigned Access is Working
Activate working using 8.1 Preview Keys
Dragon Live Modern UI Background is working
New Charms Tutorial
EDIT : According to : New contextual menu options, Fully non translucent Taskbar?

68k said,
"Fully non translucent Taskbar" Oh, come on... This is a backwards step in UI design. I miss Aero.

He asked what's different...
Also New Mail app with power pane and drag and drop
Answer Skype Calls from Lock Screen (can you do that in the preview) i don't use skype
New people app
Robot and Flower BG
BG Color sliders are different instead of Black Purple Pink then red orange yellow etc it is now organized as Black Red orange yellow green blue purple pink
Music app brighter orange splash screen?
Food and Drink New Live tile removed plate and encased that fork and knife in a white rectangle
Health and Fitness tile now orange
Thicker sidebar PC Settings, displays Top Settings in bigger tiles and you can click on recently used settings.
And on Search & Apps in PC Settings has been changed from & to the word "and" same with Update & Recovery and PC & Devices
Search button on PC Settings not enclosed in a square
Camera on Lock Screen Description has changed in pc settings
Orientation of Display (toggle landscape/portrait) added in PC and Devices

Edited by ians18, Aug 12 2013, 1:16am :

Added Metered Connections Section in PC Settings>>Skydrive
IE is now 11.0.9471.0 (still preview)
Skydrive has new search and selection buttons (why is this not in app bar?)
I think they added a System Protection button to Control Panel>> System and Security>> System in the sidebar. I am comparing it to the 8.1 9431 RT version so I am not sure.

Not a fan of the weird slanted text they put in the background of that Explorer window. Also, what's with all the text in the background? I thought Windows 8 was supposed to make things sleek and minimal.

Dunkleybwoy said,
It will still be there until you activated it via the internet. That's exactly how Windows 8 worked.

He was referring to the initial image that was up before Neowin swapped it out. It had a picture of Explorer open on the desktop with a watermark from some other group on top of the image.