Windows Phone 7.5 "Mango" is here!

Guess what? It’s finally here. Microsoft have just made live their Windows Phone 7.5 (“Mango”) website, along with the recently released web Marketplace, indicating that the Mango update is pretty much ready to go.

It's here!

Windows Phone 7.5 ("Mango") is available to install on some phones now. Look for a notification on your phone soon.

Over at you can learn the basics of the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango update, as well as review instructions on how to upgrade your device to the latest and greatest WP7 release; remember, you’ll need a PC handy with the Zune software installed. It may take some time for the update to be available for your device, so be patient.

According to Microsoft’s “Where’s my phone update?” page, virtually every carrier globally will be having Mango deployed at the same time. You’ll notice that the current status of Windows Phone 7.5 is in the “Scheduling” stage, meaning that Microsoft is just about ready to push the update to devices around the world; according to them, this phase typically lasts 10 business days but we are hoping for less.

Notably missing from the Scheduling stage is US phone carrier Sprint with their single WP7 device, the HTC Arrive. While listed as still being in the Testing stage, recent documents indicate that they too will be deploying Mango sometime around today, so this posting has thrown in some confusion.

For all those running the developer preview of Mango, ensure that you have installed the recent “Friends & Family” update so that you can easily upgrade to the public version of Mango.

Reminder: It could be several days/weeks before the Mango update is ready for your device, so please be patient; however, Microsoft are clearly ready to go with all their website assets deployed.

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Tom W said,
Inaccurate headline, the update isn't available...yet.

hey Tom did you get the pre-cleanup update? (assuming you are using Mango 7712)

Zain Adeel said,

hey Tom did you get the pre-cleanup update? (assuming you are using Mango 7712)

shouldnt we get a notification for it as well?¿?

Zain Adeel said,

i dont know. I did get one for No-Do

I mean if i have 7712, I don't know if I should get the notification for the pre-cleanup or it will just when my operator has the whole mango completed (i assume the last)

Zain Adeel said,

hey Tom did you get the pre-cleanup update? (assuming you are using Mango 7712)

It did on one of my devices but not on all of them

Tom W said,

It did on one of my devices but not on all of them

On the one you DID get the pre-cleanup, was it a bonafide developer unlock or was it updated via one of the other means? How about the ones that didn't get the cleanup? I updated my Focus to Beta 2, and Brandon apparently doesn't know if those will be able to get the cleanup or have to drop back to NoDo.

it isnt. Also. I didnt even get the pre-cleanup update on my phone. If somebody can confirm if its actually out?
If not ill roll back to no-do today then. Else i will wait.

Zain Adeel said,
Also. MS broke the find my phone page .......

They did? That I'm gonna have to look into. Is the page itself broken (Possibly being updated) or is the service not working?

Mango I will need to go and get some off the fruit market

Anyway, I congratulate Microsoft for this new release even though my current phone is Android and the future one will also be Android (or Bada but probably Android).

tsupersonic said,
ant wait to get Mango on my Trophy. Come on Verizon!

Same here. I've brought my cable to work and am ready to go. Come on and push it out Verizon... lol

I'm very excited and very cautious at the same time. After the debacle of the NoDo roll out, I'm not entirely sure that either Microsoft, the carriers or the manufacturers have completely learned the lessons.

It's encouraging that on the first day of public notification about the actual Mango update, all bar Telefonica (Spain) are already at the "Scheduling" stage which is a damn site better than this time at the start of the NoDo waive. However, "Scheduling" is up to 10 business days and even when the status moves to "Delivering update", between MS clicking 'OK' and the carriers flipping the switch, it will still take until Christmas for all devices to have been notified of the update availability.

I've already lamented that my HD7 (O2 UK) we'll not get the Tethering bits straight away because Microsoft brought it into the Mango dev cycle too late to test for launch devices but it will be included in new, native 7.5 chassis.

You're right. Following that logic, I demand that they stop manufacturing cars without GPS systems, clothing that isn't fireproof, and everything else that has a possible improovement.

stupid headline... i ran i almost fell from my bed, and i plugged the phone in my sisters computer since i dont trust win8 for that yet... and nothing!

oh well, i will try again later today. my phone is unbranded. but if it today AT&T get it and i dont... i will get mad xD

Just got my Official update and I am on Mango. Just plugged in my HD7 in and zune asked if I wanted to update.Under settings, sure is Windows Phone 7.5

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