Windows Phone 8 featured in new Ke$ha music video

Microsoft and its hardware partners are going to great lengths to promote Windows Phone 8 and devices running Microsoft's new mobile operating system. What's the latest marketing technique? Featuring a Windows Phone 8 device in a Ke$ha music video, of course.

In her video for the single "Die Young," which was released on VEVO today, the pop artist and one of the video's actors can be seen using what appears to be a gold Nokia Lumia 920 from about 1:22 to 1:32. The Windows Phone 8 interface can also be seen for several seconds in that time span.

Microsoft is making a heavy marketing push involving celebrities using Windows Phone 8. When the company held a launch event for Windows Phone 8 last Monday, it prominently featured actress Jessica Alba talking about the operating system and its new child-friendly features. Additionally, the first commercial for Windows Phone 8 featured NFL quarterback Cam Newton.

Nokia is also using celebrities in an attempt to push its Lumia range of devices. In addition to the Ke$ha music video, Lumia devices have also been featured in a music videos for Carly Rae Jepsen's "This Kiss" and Flo Rida's "Whistle."

Source: VEVO

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Whomever signed off on this needs to tender their resignation. Microsoft's marketing department needs to be ahead of the curve, not two years behind it.

If I were to introduce a NE product, the last thing I'd associate it with is anything called "Die Young."

I think im the wrong demographic for this site. EVerytime I see something about girls half naked most of the comments are actually complaining. Im guessing this site is more geared towards techno listening same sex people? Or are they just extremely uptight? Don't know but im getting the feeling being straight and enjoying all manners of music and nudity means I don't fit in.

Dutchie64 said,
what a piece of crap...

the song that is ;-)

The song.

The singer.

The best thing about the video is Windows Phone...

Breach said,
Sorry, but this sort of 'news' belongs elsewhere.

I disagree. As a platform struggling to compete with the others, in terms of market share, I appreciate hearing about the marketing techniques companies are employing to push Windows Phone.