Windows Vista SP1 Toilet Paper - It's really available now

The Japanese are simply hyping Vista SP1 release. I was just surprised to find that a roll of toilet paper printed with highlighted features is already available in Japan. You kind of have to feel a little bad for Vista -- it just keeps getting crapped on these days. Now available in a Toilet Paper Near You - so if the flush doesn't work, do you blame in on Vista then.

Also for some trivia now - If there is one place in the world that any gadget-electronic freak should go to, that is Akihabara district in Tokyo. Numerous stores bring on fascinating number of products, often first in the world. There are also products which are not so usual, nor you can find them in retail or e-tail in any other part of the world.

Link: Click for images @ JSBi

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would be even funnier if someone came up with vista's actual lines of code and printed them on a bog roll OH no wait that'd mean cutting down and entire rain Forrest to make the paper more company's should put their EULA's on bog rolls it makes good sense its good for the enviroment read it once take a dump and wipe then flush

Id love to have instruction manuals as toliet paper.... then I would actually read them but its not wasted paper.

so would linux toilet paper be like a solid steel titanium block? Not only is it impossbily hard to adequately wipe your ass but its just fun!

Tips and tricks of how to use Vista on toilet paper? That's brilliant. Where else would people get that information from? Average user wouldn't google something like that.

OT: Didn't even know they had 32MB versions of HDD in 250GB capacity.

I feel sad for whoever thought this up. Obviously they have nothing better to do with their free time (like find a job or perhaps a hobby). Though I suppose when you are this lacking in the maturity department no employer would be interested.

this is awesome i knew vista was good for something and finally someone figure it out, no need for drivers you got your hand, no need for blue screen, now is brown .... marvelous

(dan said @ #5)
LOL Windows Vista SP1: Good enough to wipe your @rse on :suspicious:

more substantial than other paper operating systems!!!

(Azmodan said @ #2.2)
4||4uh 4hkb4r!

By 7h3 w4y, 7h3 73x7 1n 7h3 701|37 p4p3r 15 7h3 3U|4?

Translation :

Allauh ahkbar ! ( i THINK he meant : "hello sucka !" )

By the way, the text in the toilet paper is the EULA (This part is correctly spelled in 31137)