Xbox 360 "Newton" Motion Sensing Controller Confirmed

I can now confirm the existence of the Xbox Wiimote clone project and I can tell you the project code name : "Newton"

The "Newton" controller's code name is after the physicist Sir Isaac Newton. The internal Microsoft engineering code name is for this controller is "Newton" as in Newtonian Physics relating to gravity, inertia and acceleration. This is not to be confused with the defunct Apple Newton PDA, this is just and internal name, when this controller comes to market it will have a retail name.

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seems to me the idea is to make it easier to have cross-platform development for games that want to utilize Wii-style controls. very good move for MS if done correctly.

I don't see why it matters all that much. Even if we were to all agree that a wiimote-esque controller on the 360 is a blatant copy, the fact remains that it would be a seriously unbeatable combination, were it to have the games to back it up (which , unfortunately, it probably won't). The biggest problem the wii has going for it is the lack of beefy hardware to support current graphics technology. Obviously the 360 doesn't have this problem; and as a plus, it also has arguably the best online structure.

if they use gyros instead of a sensor bar, are they copying the Wii? sure some will say that will be copying the PS3 but it's not the same device is it?

we should wait to see what they come up with before playing the copy card. some original things do come out of MS.

it's like saying Sony copied the Super NES controller for their Playstation system. "but no, the NES didn't have thumbsticks!". see my point.

It is an interesting option, as long as they make specific games for it and not try to substitute my current controller for it then maybe.

ya, im curious as well.

wii like controls, but with good graphics, and online play...hmmmmmm

this better work with GTA IV (baseball bat, chainsaw ..... :P)

I for one am curious to see what Microsoft will do with this.

I'd love an Xbox360Sports game, with a motion controller and *drumroll* decent next-gen graphics!

Just what we need, another lame motion sensor game controller. I so hope that the next gen consoles aren't going to all be that way.

I hate the way the Wii controllers work, wish it was normal old standard controllers.

(daniel_rh said @ #7.1)
Well, the good thing is that with 360 you'll have both options of controls

Exactly why it will fail, the Wii-mote works because it is the main controller not an add-on.

(m-head said @ #2)
*Thinks back to when all of the 360 fanboys were saying "Sony copied the Wii, rip-off!" and all similar comments.
Second that

(brent3000 said @ #2.2)
Sony copyed them in a rush attempt bringing a poor attempt to the market... MS has taken some time...

I love irony.

Console wars are just imagined conflicts for the small-minded. Unless a person is thoroughly vested in a console maker's stock, engaging in a console war and refusing to enjoy the merits of all the consoles is just shooting yourself in the foot.

Good on MS to add the motion sensing option, by the way.

Actually, Microsoft had a motion based controller back in the late 90s. I believe it was bundled with Motorcross Madness 2

(briangw said @ #1.1)
Actually, Microsoft had a motion based controller back in the late 90s. I believe it was bundled with Motorcross Madness 2

You're spot on.

My bro had one.