Xbox One to launch in 13 markets, coming November 22nd

Microsoft has finally revealed that the Xbox One game console will launch in 13 markets, including the U.S, on Friday, November 22nd, one week after the PS4 launches in the U.S. The specific launch markets will be Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, UK, and USA. That also happens to be the same day as the Xbox 360 launched in 2005.

Microsoft's reveal of the Xbox One launch date on the Xbox Wire website was written by Yusuf Mehdi, the Corporate Vice President of Marketing, Strategy and Business, for the Xbox division. He stated that even though the company sold out of its pre-order supply for the Day One version of the Xbox One  "faster than at any other time in our history", the fact that the console is now in full production has allowed Microsoft to start selling a limited number of additional Day One versions for pre-order.

Mehdi also mentioned the previous news that the Xbox One's CPU has received a speed boost from 1.60 GHz to 1.75 GHz for the final retail production unit. He added that after the massive German games convention Gamescom in August, which allowed many members of the public to play Xbox One Games for the first time, the company saw "pre-order increases of 200% in European markets" for the Xbox One. (We think the free FIFA 14 digital game offer might have something to do with that as well).

Microsoft has still not revealed just how many retail units of the Xbox One will be available on November 22nd.

Source: Xbox Wire | Image via Microsoft

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NerdyTech said,
Mine is ordered on Amazon... when do you think I will get it.. Monday the 25th?

I took out their free trial of Amazon Prime before I ordered, and generally speaking Amazon tend to receive their stock a day or two before release. I'm therefore hoping I get mine on release day

Most of the time theyll have the stock sent to them before time and whenever ive pre ordered someat like a game its sent like 2 days before release so it gets to you on the date. Whether itll happen here or not i dunno. Sometimes when ive pre ordered with its come the day before cus the mail was so quick

Personally I was hoping they released it on the 15th right alongside the PS4. The youtube videos of the epic chaos that would ensue would have been priceless and would have easily passed the N64 kid for pure humor.

Gamestop would have been a warzone lol.

Baltic Avenue is one of the cheapest properties on Monopoly. Why would they rush to release there unless they were just after the $200 you collect after passing Go?

2 months left with no Xbox. Sold 3 over the past few months in anticipation. More time(money towards the Shelby I guess.

It's only a week difference in the US. I don't think it will make much of a difference. Both consoles are going to sell-out within minutes.

eBay is going to have a lot of new auctions in November.

Before/after Sony I don't think really makes a diff. The preorders for both systems are sold out. How many of us are actually going to go stand in line at walmart at midnight this gen? If youre like me, you just have it delivered. I think release dates so close together are insignificant going forward.

One week after PS4. Makes sense to come either before or after. You don't want to do the same day -- that would be chaos.

Another week gives them another week to make units and finish their code -- which based on announcements they are clearly still working hard on the software side at least.

I live in the Netherlands too. Netherlands is April 2014.

Or you can just order from Germany, UK or France. I did, expected delivery date 28 November. I always ordered stuff from Amazon de and fr anyways.

Neobond: I hope you guys keep pushing MS for more details about the "soon as possible in 2014" timeframe :-) January 2014 = Wait, April 2014 = preorder from one of launch countries.

I'm surprised they didn't try to push harder to release before Sony since they already knew when the PS4 was coming out

Well they did in most markets, the only places Sony is launching first is in the US and Canada, the rest of the world will have to wait, hell, Australia doesn't even have a release date for the Playstation 4. So glad I got a Xbox One.

EDIT: Apparently EB Games AU is saying the PS4 comes out on the 29th, same day as most European countries, however I can't find any official press releases that back this up.

Drewidian said,
They should have surprised everyone and launch on the 8th or even the 1st.

Most likely they needed as much time as possible to make sure they have enough consoles for launch. Launching a week later than the 8th could mean the difference of having 1 million consoles and 1.5 million consoles (I'm making this number up but you get the point).