Yahoo Launches Buzz

Yahoo has added a Digg 'kind of a' functionality to its site that will help highlight popular news, articles & blog posts. This will be based on Search Patterns & User Votes. The Yahoo Buzz extension counts the 'BuzzScore' for news stories, videos, images and blog posts. A story's Buzz Score is based on your votes, searches, emails, and more. Content with the most votes is then considered for placement on "Yahoo Buzz is a good example of how we are continuing to innovate and open up our key starting points to third party publishers, making Yahoo! more social and personally relevant for our half a billion consumers," said Jeff Weiner, executive vice president of Yahoo's Network Division

Link: Y! Buzz

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How come it seems like you can't post comment on buzz? That seems kind of lame if you can't even discuss the top stories. As long as it isn't as liberal as Digg, I'm game. It looks nice too!