Yahoo Mail finally joins Gmail and in encrypting all emails

Users of Yahoo Mail can now rest a little easier; the company has now set things up so that emails are encrypted by default from the service. Yahoo made the announcement on its Tumblr page this week. It had previously promised in November it would not only encrypt its email but all data to and from its servers by April 2014.

This week's post stated:

Anytime you use Yahoo Mail - whether it’s on the web, mobile web, mobile apps, or via IMAP, POP or SMTP- it is 100% encrypted by default and protected with 2,048 bit certificates. This encryption extends to your emails, attachments, contacts, as well as Calendar and Messenger in Mail.

Many Yahoo Mail users might say, "It's about time". Google's Gmail has encrypted all email by default since early 2010. Microsoft's, which launched in July 2012 as the eventual replacement for its old Hotmail service, has encrypted emails by default from the start. Even Facebook began offering such features by the end of 2012.

Yahoo Mail has had its share of issues in the past few months. A relaunch of the service in October was met with criticism from long time users for ditching features such as tabs, which Yahoo later added back. A few weeks ago, the service experienced problems that didn't allow some of its users to check their accounts for several days.

Image via Yahoo

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as added bonus: most ads in yahoo mail would also delivered via https too,
therefore if you are using IE, you can get the ads site certificates, then add those certificates into "Untrusted Publisher" certificates list.

No more https ads, even you're not using adblocker or similar plug-ins.

"Yahoo Mail has had its share of issues in the past few months" - You forgot to add the bit about how it had malware-distributing ads recently.

Dang, I use to use their email service with old network scanners to scan to email that did not support SSL. Guess the customer will have to upgrade finally or use a different non SSL email.

Now they just have to get rid of those annoying LARGE Fracking ads that show up in the middle of the screen on their web based email. Seriously yahoo!!! You wonder why nobody likes you!!

I only see their SOME WHAT large ad on the main page once. Once you click the close ad button, I don't see it again.

I've used Yahoo mail forever and have seen it go through changes and royally f**k itself up and over, but their service is REALLY sucking anymore! I actually think I like Gmail better now although I like being able to send .exe's zipped or unzipped to myself some times, in Yahoo.

Yahoo also lets to many viruses through. I had to delete my whole address book off of Yahoo since friends/family were getting spam/viruses from my Yahoo that I did not send them. I'd get the same back from others I know who have Yahoo. Why Yahoo is my spam collected and nothing else.

este said,
Not like it will help anyway

Average user doesnt know that. Just makes people feel all warm and fuzzy and secure is all.

So what you mean is they finally added SSL support for everyone accessing their service, not actually encrypt all emails using something like S/MIME.

Exactly...this post is confusing. It is saying that emails are encrypted...which is false. What is encrypted, is your connection to the mail service itself.