YouTube expelled from Australian state's schools

An Australian state has banned video website YouTube from its government-run schools. According to Victoria's Education Services Minister Jacinta Allan, the move will help limit cyber-bullying and was prompted after a gang of male students videotaped their assault on a 17-year-old girl outside of Melbourne and posted it on the site late last year. The ban would affect 1,600 government schools in Victoria, the second most-populous state in the country after New South Wales. Allan said the state government "has never tolerated bullying in schools and this zero tolerance approach extends to the online world." The ban means YouTube will be added to the list of websites the school board's internet service providers already filter so that students are unable to access them.

News source: CBC News

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Doesn't seem like news to me. Although not necessarily at a state level, YouTube has been banned in our district since its creation. Lame and obnoxious, especially since, primarily, YouTube content is not vulgar or offensive. Innapropriate and crude, sure, but oh well.

... So exactly how does this prevent bullying in school?

I agree that some of the content might not be school related if you will but stopping them from accessing the site will not stop the bullying. And it wont stop them from uploading the movies either, since you can post to YouTube using your mobile phone.

Bizarre story. YouTube is already blocked in New South Wales state schools, to which the article references. I would expect all the state education departments would have blocked it, if not for the duty of care issues, for the bandwidth issues - the cost of provisioning access to YouTube would be significant.

MySpace and YouTube have been banned well here for quite some time now. It looks like they've been lagging it.

I don't think you tube is necessary for schools at all and could quite easily have been banned citing it being a distraction as a reason but bullying? Please 95% of students use the net outside of school. They arent going to stop cyber bullying by blocking the sites in school.