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Hotmail / Outlook support

We get a ton of support requests for this. We are not affiliated with Microsoft who own Hotmail and

  • To get support for your Hotmail or email address and services, click here.
  • Or click here to reset your (Outlook/Hotmail) password at Microsoft.

Technical Support (PC/Mobile etc)

We do not provide users with technical support via email for any matters that do not pertain to the usage of this site. If you have a query of this nature, please feel free to sign up to our forums and post your question there, where our community will be able to provide you with better support.

iPhone/iPad/Android or Windows Phone app requests

We do not ever accept requests for reviews of applications on mobiles, please do not attempt to submit those requests they are always deleted. Don't waste your time.

Guest Articles

Guest or Sponsored articles that are written by an agency for the sole purpose of embedding one or more links to the companies they serve are not welcomed at Neowin. You are however free to submit a monetary offer to publish such an article using the "Advertising Request" choice in the drop down menu.

DMCA related inquiries

Please view our DMCA Policy which includes details on who to contact before submitting a DMCA related inquiry.

All other requests

If your request does not apply to the above, please use the drop down menu to contact us.