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Neowin LLC is part owned by Stardock (40%) represented by Brad Wardell, with Steven Parker & Marcel Klum equally sharing the remaining 60%; Neowin LLC was setup in March 2005.

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News management

Managing / Senior Editor for Europe: Andy Weir

I love, and live, tech.

I have a keen personal interest in how technology can be used to solve broader social and even geopolitical problems; if you have any thoughts on that front, let's have a beer and chew the cud - you never know, we may just make the world a better place.
I'm a Microsoft fan, but not a Microsoft fanboy - my tech world is filled with MS gear (from the HP Touchsmart and twin-display HP Pavilion Elite desktop, to my Windows 8 Samsung tablet and Lenovo Yoga 13, to my HP Home Server, Xbox 360 and various Windows Phones), but I'm not oblivious to all that Microsoft gets wrong (and boy, what a list that is), nor to all that Google, Apple and others get right.


News Reporter (part time)

Jobs at Neowin

We are always looking for people to complement our team, from news reporters through to the development team.

We offer paid positions for news reporters, below you can see what you could earn as a staff reporter, the payments are made in stages depending on how popular the article is and is calculated against revenue sharing, these figures are recalculated and/or reviewed annually.

  • 0 - 3,999 views
  • >100,000 views bonus at the discretion of the Editor staff

Monthly bonuses (articles total views)


Views are unique, not page hits.

We are currently looking for:

Below are the positions currently open on Neowin. Policy for product reviews and promotions

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has a stated guideline for media and bloggers who accept products of value and cash payments as quid pro quo for product mentions and reviews.

Writers for Neowin LLC are strictly compensated by Neowin LLC and are not paid in any fashion by third party vendors; nor are writers allowed to accept payment of any form for personal gain for promotion, advertising, recommendation, or opinions on products.

Hardware and software vendors often provide Neowin LLC writers products for review which is deemed necessary to cover these products. At the end of any product review (software or hardware) the product is returned to the vendor, donated to a public organization, or given away to Neowin LLC readers.

In some cases, a third party, representing a vendor, will provide Neowin LLC with products for review. In these cases, the third party is considered the vendor and all applicable rules still apply.

Some events that Neowin LLC attends may be sponsored events. In such cases, all rules regarding payment and promotion still apply. If travel, meal, and entertainment costs have been provided by the vendor, full disclosure will apply in associated articles.

Neowin LLC writers abide by these standards and work diligently to provide honest and un-influenced opinions. All vendors that are reviewed and represented understand that by reviewing, representing, or covering the costs for an event, does not guarantee, in any form, a positive refection of the event or product.

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Server Hardware

Our Servers run the latest stable version of Redhat Enterprise, or CentOS. We use Dell 19" rack Servers hosted on a multi-homed connection, all are Intel Pentium Xeon's with at least 4 GB of system memory per server. Our database is managed by MySQL (latest stable) and we currently run PHP 5 on our Apache servers.

In 2008 we purchased a 64-bit Intel Pentium Xeon Quad core Dell Server to manage our MySQL database, this came with 16GB of system memory.

In 2009 we purchased another 64-bit Intel Pentium Xeon Quad core Dell Server with 24GB of system memory to run various virtual machines using VmWare ESXi. Servers 2 & 6 below run on this box. This server will allow us to start up additional virtual machines should a hardware failiure knock one of the others offline, giving us greater fault tolerance.

  • Server 1 (Built in 2013) - MySQL
  • Server 2 (VM) - Development Server
  • Server 3 (Built in 2013) - (Web Server 1), IRC
  • Server 4 (Built in 2013) - (Web Server 2)
  • Server 5 (Built in 2013) - (Web Server 3)
  • Server 6 (VM) - MySQL

Fair usage of the Neowin logo

The Neowin logo was created by Jason Kelley and was based off an earlier version that Larry Cook made in 2001. We allow external websites to use it in reference to The logo has seen many incremental "polish" updates, but remains the same branding.