Welcome to Neowin IRC


  1. Register a Neowin account. (If you don't already have one.)
  2. Choose your IRC Nickname by using the form below.
  3. Read our IRC rules (They are slightly different to those enforced on our forums, due to the nature of IRC).
  4. Set your IRC Client to connect to our server:
    • Server: irc.neowin.net
    • Port: 6667
    • Nick: The nick you set in the IRC User Control Panel.
    • Server Password: The password you use to login to Neowin.net
      NOTE: If you cannot figure out where you should put the password, most clients support issuing the following command in order to connect using a password: /server irc.neowin.net 6667 [passwordhere]
  5. You should now be connected, and talking on the IRC server!


  • The status command.
    • Usage: /status [yourstatushere]
    • Action: The status command will allow you to append a status to your IRC nickname. For example, say you are eating, you can use the status command to make your nickname Nickname|eating.
  • The report command.
    • Usage: /report [user] [reason]
    • Action: The report command allows you to report abusive behavior of users connected to our IRC network. Once reported, the user's behavior is made known to any staff member connected to the server, as well as any staff member using the IRC Administration panel.
    • NOTE: This command is only to be used for a legitimate reason. Abuse of this system may result in a 24 hour ban.

Other Information

  • You may connect up to three times using your IRC Nickname. However, you must add a suffix to each additional nickname.
    Example: Nickname, Nickname|Work, Nickname|Laptop
  • When you connect, you will notice that other user's hostnames as well as your own are now neowin\somethinghere. This shows each user's neowin usergroup.
  • You will notice that unlike most networks, we do not utilize IRC services. There is really no need as registration is done via the site, and once connected, you cannot change your nickname other than to append a status to it.

IRC Settings

Only logged in users can manage their IRC settings