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I have done lots of converting in the past and present, but sometimes come across video files that are in the format I want but have the wrong aspect ratio. In Media Player Classic i can still watch normally by "override aspect ratio" but i would much rather change it permanently and not have the hassle of changing back and forth from aspect to aspect depending on the video. the reason why i think this could be an easy fix is because when you play a file, obviously the media player has to know how to play it with a set of parameters right?

here is a pic of what i would like to change:


Is there a way to change these details in Windows 7 or even maybe a 3rd party program?

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If it's a MKV, you can actually set an AR in MKV Merge. That said not all players/decoders/splitters support it, but it is worth a shot.

Only some get it from the container, that's why it doesn't always work, some read the AR from the actual video itself ( like the h264 inside a MP4 and most MKV's ), which Cannot be changed without re-encoding.

If it's not a MKV, you can demux, and then remux it into a MKV. That is, if you are fine with MKV's..

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I use iDealshare VideoGo to change video aspect ratio, it can change aspect ratio of mp4 file with or without re encoding.

Step by step guide at http://www.idealshare.net/video-converter/change-video-aspect-ratio.html

To change aspect ratio of mp4 file without re encoding, you need follow the steps below:

Click the "Profile" drop down button to MP4 from "General Video" category.

Then click "Setting..." button to open the "Advanced Settings" Window. Go to the "Advanced" tab, double click MPEG-4 on the right side of Video Codec to select Copy from the drop down list.

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