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[color=#ff0000][b]NSFW: Video contains swearing / violence. [/b][/color]


It's been two months since Rockstar Games [url="http://www.gamezone.com/products/grand-theft-auto-v/news/second-gta-5-trailer-released-watch-it-here"]released the second official trailer[/url] for [i]Grand Theft Auto 5[/i]. The trailer was so well put together that even today I don't get tired of watching it. Rockstar has a way of creating trailers -- whether it's the production value or the movie-like quality -- that make them fun and entertaining to watch. That could also be why fan-created trailers are even more entertaining.

The latest comes from YouTuber, [url="http://www.youtube.com/user/KETEGANO15?feature=watch"]KETEGANO15[/url], who recreated the entire [i]GTA 5[/i] trailer -- shot for shot -- using [i]Battlefield 3[/i] footage. The remade trailer is entirely composed of [i]BF3[/i] footage using in-game vehicles and animations. Best of all, it matches up pretty well. [i]Battlefield 3[/i]'s maps do a surprisingly good job of mimicking the various [i]GTA 5[/i] locales.

I think what always amazes me in these fan-created trailers is just how much time goes into it. The dedication that gamers have is something truly remarkable which is why I enjoy posting about these type of things.

Check out the real [i]GTA 5[/i] trailer below and then the YouTube video below it to see how it stacks up.




I lol'd :p

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