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[i]My first project on Github![/i]

[b] PHP 5.5 Login[/b]

[color=#333333][font=Helvetica, arial, freesans, clean, sans-serif]Login & Register using the new PHP 5.5 Password Hashing API,
which easily makes use of the bcrypt hashing algorithm.[/font][/color]
[color=#333333][font=Helvetica, arial, freesans, clean, sans-serif]Database & Login Classes originally from Panique's PHP Login
Supports 5.3/5.4

This can normally support up to 5.4, but because of bcrypt
and PHP 5.4 arrays, backwards compatability will need to
be implemented into the login class. For now, I'm working
off of PHP 5.5 (Alpha 4).[/font][/color]

[i]Soon, I will work on getting the password hashing API to be compatible up to PHP 5.3.7.[/i]

Current issue:
- Making use of the rehash functionality during login.

[url="https://github.com/MrXXIV/PHP-5.5-login"][b][i]Check out the project here![/i][/b][/url]

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[i]A preview of the forms. Plenty is to be worked on as far as features and browser support.[/i]

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