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Boston Truth

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#46 Enron


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Posted 24 April 2013 - 01:22

Thread cleaned

Graphic content is not allowed on Neowin.

There's a graphic in your signature, sir.

#47 NightmarE D

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Posted 01 May 2013 - 07:43

For anyone wanting confirmation of anything I mentioned in my earlier post, find the scanner audio.

As for the old man in a suicide vest, it doesn't take a Russian translator and 4 robots damn near 4 or 5 hours to determine it's just some old man wearing a medical device. Try again. You didn't hear the scanner audio live as it happened. It told a different story.

As for the body language of the uncle, look up the videos. At first he's worried, like he doesn't believe it. Then rather quickly he's more than willing to admit it's them and says they shamed their family, yet seems a little happy judging from his body language and poor acting. At first he's talking like they're one big happy family, then it's the family they tried to steer clear of. Pfft

One last thing. Recently discovered the "free jahar" fan groups popping up on Twitter and instagram among other places. I am disturbed by what teen-aged females of today find cute and how far they go just for a little bit of attention. I now realize how pathetic the human race is becoming.

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Posted 01 May 2013 - 07:56

STFU OP, ... annoying. *scrolls down to type STFU*, see Glenn Beck video posted. Thread derailed on 1st page. Conspiracy theorists are annoying at best. We all know the country and "political views" (amongst other things) are run by VERY few men in the US who fund what is best (read: profitable) for them/"us" as a nation. Accept it, I enjoy my life, whatever, haven't been nuked yet - bad for business :p , **** like this though, come on, shut up.

/mix of sarcasm and drunk rant

#49 sharpy2k4


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Posted 02 May 2013 - 23:56

Can you provide sources for 5,6,7 and 10, havent heard anything on this and it would be nice to see something backing these up.

As for #12, sorry but that's speculation on your part. He may very well be hiding something but you saying that he is lying on the basis on your interpretation of his body language from just a few mins of bum rushed interviews by the media is just silly. In all fairness you'r just as anonymous as anyone else here, making your armchair speculation of the uncle is no different then what you just claimed 4chan was doing.

I would like to just throw in some information here, from what HawkMan and NightmarE D said I can confirm 5,6,7 being true, I was listening to the Police Scanners after reading a thread on Reddit which was being constantly updated by the OP who was also listening to Police Scanners, ALOT of information on there never made it to the news, and I was in the Uk checking CNN, Fox, BBC, Sky News, ITV news literally any news page.


here it is, i was reading all 8 threads from as soon as I heard the man hunt was all going off, that has pretty much every police scanner broadcast on there so make of it what you will.