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5 Year Old Boy Interrogated for 2 Hours by School Officials


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#16 Elessar


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Posted 01 June 2013 - 13:45

I know these are isolated instances, but this really just reinforces my disgust for the US "education" system. This kid should have been told not to bring that in again (it's a ****ing cap gun, I played with those when I was a kid...) and his parents should have been notified to ensure it doesn't happen again. Bam, situation resolved, the kid can go to class.

#17 DavidM


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Posted 01 June 2013 - 14:57

Hitting a teacher is a federal offense. You can get life imprisonment for that.

Source? I've never heard of such a thing, and after a couple of Google searches the only thing close is an answer here. He states

"Almost any state crime (which assaulting a teacher would be) can also become a federal offense. The federal prosecutor would have to show some connection with the school or the teacher and federal law, economy, or other connection. Sometimes something as simple as the school receiving federal funds could qualify and allow federal prosecution. The best thing would be don't hit your teacher. If there's a problem, talk to the principal or other official."

So it sounds like any state employed person recieving federal money COULD be elevated to a Federal Offence, NOT that it's always going to be.

Back on topic, my little girl starts school next year and I will have a hard time restraining myself if something like this happened to her, lucky or unlucky for me I would probably be spending most of the time holding my wife down so she couldn't get to them. ;)

#18 Hum


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Posted 01 June 2013 - 15:20

Hitting a teacher is a federal offense. You can get life imprisonment for that.

You may be thinking of assaulting a postal worker or park ranger, etc.

#19 suprNOVA



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Posted 01 June 2013 - 23:37

You don't see anything wrong with a 5 year old kid being punished simply because he had a toy gun?

Sorry feel like I didn't read the article properly. I disagree with the 10 day school suspension, but besides that, everything else seems okay. Why would a parent let their kid leave the house with a toy gun :/

#20 Growled


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Posted 02 June 2013 - 02:56

You may be thinking of assaulting a postal worker or park ranger, etc.

I was mainly being sarcastic. :D

#21 I am Reid

I am Reid

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Posted 02 June 2013 - 03:16

a 10 day suspension to a 5 year old at the end of may just means an early summer vacation.

#22 Rippleman


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Posted 02 June 2013 - 03:17

wow.... thats bull**** .... over here its just like hitting any other person...probs would only have to write a letter of apology and 100 hours community work

or how about... just not do it in the first place?