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What's next, tax people who don't smoke to make up for lost taxes on cigarettes?

Some things are hard to believe. Like this one: North Carolina wants to tax hybrid and electric car owners.

Lawmakers in the state are considering a tax on drivers of energy-efficient cars: $50 a year for a hybrid and $100 for an electric car. Very simply put, state politicans say it is a way to make up for the revenue lost when drivers buy less gasoline. The gasoline tax funds highways in the state.

This tax could raise to about $1.5 million each year.

(The state's Senate will consider the measure but hasn

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This is illogical why would you want to tax something thats good for the environment? I think the oil companies are undoubtedy behind this because they dont want to lose profit to them and also the govt because they dont want to lose on gas tax also. This is an example we rely way too much on oil!

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