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#16 Wizz


    Swiftorifc = Like super cool, but even cooler than that.

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Posted 04 February 2003 - 19:20

Host Name: Impulsed
Features: PHP4, Perl, MySQL and PostgreSQL as standard + optional Shell Accounts with bg processes
Pros: OK prices, lots of "bolt-ons" availible
Problems: New to the scene, guy who run's it is a mate and won't give me a free/discounted account :angry:
Overall: Great service
Location: England

#17 vetSMeK



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  • Location: London, UK

Posted 04 February 2003 - 19:22

atm i dont have any sites to host
but i have heard that
34sp are very good and nice and cheap

i would also like to point out that putting location as a feild is very important, thanks

#18 vetBlaise


    flippin' like a pancake, poppin' like a cork

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Posted 05 February 2003 - 16:15

Host Name: Vipsnet

I pay $4.95 a month for the VIP Lite plan (got in on a promotional deal)

But just look at all the crap you get! I love these guys :D

#19 Guest_Boss_*

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Posted 19 March 2003 - 16:13

Host Name: Marked-Off Hosting
Features: cPanel 6, Unlimited Emails, Unlimited MySQL Databases
Pros: Great deals at affordable prices
Problems: Erm, not that I know of...
Overall: Cheap and reliable
Location: USA

#20 Rusty.Metal


    It's been a while

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  • Location: Azeroth

Posted 19 March 2003 - 20:52

host name : xAviaHosting
Notable Features : umm everything there is to give, $20 yr for 200 mb :D :)

Pros: Cheap, Gives everything u need.
CPanel Control Panel
:: IMAP, Pop3, SMTP, WEB Mail Access
:: 24/7 FTP Access
:: SSH Access upon request
:: Browser File Manager
:: FrontPage Extensions
:: PHP (www.xaviahosting.com/php.php)
:: CGI
:: Perl
:: Image Magick
:: SSI
:: SSL
:: XML
:: Python
:: Java
:: $2 for a Dedicated IP Address :: CPanel E-Mail Manager
:: Exim E-Mail Virus Scanner
:: PhpMyAdmin
:: Custom Error Pages
:: Password Protected Directories
:: 3 Stats Programs: Awstats, Analog, & Webalizer.
:: Raw Log Access
:: CPanel Skin Choice on Request
:: Unmetered Sub domains
:: Unmetered Databases
:: Unmetered E-Mail Addresses
:: Unmetered E-Mail Auto Responders
:: Unmetered E-Mail Forwarder
:: Unmetered E-Mail Mailing Lists
:: Unmetered FTP Accounts
:: Unmetered PHP & CGI Scripts

Problems: Switched to a new server about a few weeks ago and all the problems stoped
Overall: 10/10
Link: http://www.xaviahosting.com

#21 ajayl


    pikachu's evil twin

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  • Location: NJ

Posted 03 April 2003 - 18:08

i guess ill throw mine in :p

host name : LeaTechs (lay-tex)
Notable Features : Low price, high quality web hosting with great uptime.
Pros: Uptime, low price, support.
Problems: It's my site but...I suppose customer support could be improved to include phone support
Overall: 10/10
Link: http://www.leatechs.com

#22 ampersand


    A Mighty Pirate

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  • Location: Monkey Island of course

Posted 03 April 2003 - 18:15

Host Name: JaguarPC
Features: Low Price, High Quality, Great Uptime, Great Support
Rating: 10/10
URL: http://www.jaguarpc.com

#23 th3j0ker


    Viva España!!

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  • Location: (Cádiz) ESPAÑA

Posted 08 April 2003 - 00:16

Host Name: Tripod-Lycos :)
Address: http://www.tripod.es ;)
Features: PHP4, CGI's, MySQL... :whistle:
Pros: Server very fast and 50 mb free :D
Problems: Publicity :cool:

#24 spearman



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Posted 08 April 2003 - 00:18

www.acsite.net = good ****

#25 Kris



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Posted 09 April 2003 - 22:34

Host Name : 1&1
Notable Features : Everything I have ever really needed
Pros: (See Above)
Problems: None yet (1 year later)
Overall: Excellent, Excellent Support, Excellent Speed, Awesome Facilities, For what you get, it's amazing value
Link: http://oneandone.co.uk/

#26 eMax



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  • Location: New Jersey USA

Posted 26 April 2003 - 15:01

host name : eMax Hosting
Notable Features : "Cant answer, I own the company"
Pros: I feel we offer great completive packages and feel customers come first in satisfaction
Link: http://www.emaxhosting.com

I didn't see where posting your company wasn't allowed, So I hope I don't upset anyone.

#27 daddy los

daddy los


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Posted 11 May 2003 - 23:47

host name : Vianux.com
Notable Features : Servers in the highest rated datacenters.
Pros: Incredible Service for the price, 2min downtime (in 8 mo!)
Problems: Sunday Support Limited (but who cares :x)
Overall: 11/10
Link: http://www.vianux.com

#28 King Trode

King Trode


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  • Location: Rancho Cucamonga, California

Posted 11 May 2003 - 23:50

host name : Apis Networks
Notable Features : An awesomely modified user control panel based off ensim it's beautiful.
Pros: Nice pricing plans...custom packages available...quick friendly support and more.
Problems: None. (Seriously)
Overall: A nice simple web hosting company that will never go wrong.
Link: http://www.apisnetworks.com

#29 festis


    Resident One Post Wonder

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Posted 11 May 2003 - 23:54

I was just wondering, by the way, my other account was deleted! this is bink, anyway..
I had to delete it because i didnt remember my password and the email i used to register it was changed, WHY!

Well, I'm trying to make some money with premium hosting.. it's pretty proffesional, I guess.. But the prices are good, and the speed is amazing. I don't really want to post the link in here so you guys are going to have to pop open internet explorer if you want to see it.. i'm sorry NEOWIN! love jo0.. lol, heres the addy.


Thanks alot.. by the way! Just to add this quick info.. first 2 customers will recieve an additional 100 MB, and an extra mysql database.. Thanks guys..

If you have any questions, please message me on aim. My screenname is nX6k. Thanks again! :rolleyes:

#30 Mattgduk



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  • Location: UK

Posted 13 May 2003 - 19:39

host name : Web Attention
Notable Features : Large variety of plans for different peoples requirements.
Pros: Near on 24 hour MSNM support along with a active forum and other forms of live communication (aol messenger)
Problems: None
Overall: Very good host with plans getting better and better, i got an extra 500mb space and 11gb bandwidth (free)a couple of months ago :D
Link: http://www.webattention.net