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Mr magoo

I've created this sticky thread for members to post their hosts that they use for their website. Clearly, we arent really looking here for the free hosts- geocities, lycos etc - rather the ones you pay for. We want to know about your good and bad expierences, how reliable they have been, how flexable on bandwidth, and overall feature wise. Do it in this format :

host name :

Notable Features :





So - i'll start of for my website Zeebit :)

host name : OLM

Notable Features : PHP /Mysql, lots of free cgi scripts, PuTTY access, Password protect directories, FTP access

Pros: Excellent tech support- like 5 min replies - and useful ones at that, gives basic stats, Always fast and i've never had the website down - good VFM in general.

Problems: Only 1 FTP account on my setup, No PHPMyAdmin for DB stuff, Have a few probs everynow and again accessing the control panel - which is fairly limited if i'm honest- i'd prefer Cpanel - but for the price- its ok.

Overall: Mainly good- but a few downsides.

Link: http://www.olm.net

I will edit this thread to keep it clean and to the point :)

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Tim Dorr

Host Name: Freestyle Hosting

Notable Features: Cheap linux hosting

Pros: Inexpensive, very low load servers, lots of room/bandwidth to work with.

Problems: Downtime, usually resolved quickly though

Overall: I've been happy with them so far. I would recommend them to anyone!

Link: http://www.freestylehosting.net/

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host name : self hosted

Notable Features : ftp access, config the server, phpmyadmin, mysql/php/cgi, anything want we can have.

Pros: the above

Problems: cnat have a domain name due to conflict with the connection provider

Overall: i love it

Link: http://rracing.cjb.net/revo/index.php or

Edit- mr magoo says were trying to get information on hosts here - we all know how talented you chaps are at setting up your own setup - but we want to know about hosts on the web that you have payed money for - and your experiences... :)

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Host Name: Self-Hosting on Dedicated Server

Notable Features: Ensim CP, Linux, MySQL, PHP, SSH, SFTP, phpMyAdmin, anything I want

Pros: What I want, I get

Problems: None ;)

Overall: Happy with myself :s

Link: http://www.dbvx.com

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My Site - www.balshaw.net

My Host - http://ukwebsolutionsdirect.co.uk/

Features - Cpanel (allows you to control every aspect of your site), 8 SQl Databases, 16 SubDomains, 5000mb of transfers a month, 150mb space, 40pop3 emails, Frontpage 2000/02 Extensions, PHP 4.2.3, PHPMy AdminCGI Centre, 8 FTP Accounts, RAW Access Logs, Password Protected Dirs, and LOTS more

Pro's - ?70 a year, excelent support team, they helped me on a sunday morning last week!:)) highly recommended.

Cons - nope

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host name : Griffin Internet

Notable Features : ASP , webstats , phone support

Pros: good support , Solid ASP support , fast , extra features available

Problems: not cheap , lack of PHP support

Overall: Good if you want to host a high bandwidth ASP site

Link: www.griffin.net.uk

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Host Name: Host Once

Notable Features: Unlimited Webspace and Data Transfer, Full support for MS ASP, CGI, Perl, and ODBC

Pros: Good support, little downtime, unlimited storage space, cheap

Cons: Runs windows 2000, which can be unstable

Overall: Excellent site with excellent features and services.

Link: HostOnce

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I have a few hosting accounts:

Host Name: Swirldot Hosting

Notable Features : PHP/Mysql, JSP, Perl, Python, many other languages. Ensim, and Blue Panel control panel.

Pros: Instant Messenging support. Extremely fast, never had downtime except one day when they were switching servers.

Problems: Although they don't have cpanel, ensim is a good alternative. no 24/7 support. going through website layout changes.

Overall: Mainly good

Link: http://www.swirldot.com


Host Name: Right Choice Webhosting

Notable Features : PHP/Mysql, Perl, + a few other languages. Cpanel, Full Shell access control.

Pros: Instant Messenging support. The low low prices do not degrade the services.

Problems: No 24/7 support. And that's it.

Overall: Awesome!

Link: http://www.rightchoicehosting.com


One other at phpwebhosting.com. Hardly any downtime and it's awesome.

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Host Name: Nexpoint

Notable Features: PHP, MySQL, Free Domain Name, Unmetered Bandwidth, Cobalt Control Panel

Pros: Unmetered Bandwidth, 500mb of space, Great support they even remember you :)

Problems: If you already have a domain and you signup, you cannot get a free domain name.

Overall: The Best

Link: http://www.nexpoint.net

Refers to Cobalt Special Plan.

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host name : ServerFly.com

Notable Features : CPanel 5.0, php/MySQL, 99.9% uptime guarantee, no setup fees...

Pros: Neat scripts free to install via CPanel, EXCELLENT service, very fast and very affordable...

Problems: Not a single problem in over a year.

Overall: I have been VERY happy with the service and performance.

Link: :www.ServerFly.com


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Mr. Black

host name : Pchost4u.co.uk

Notable Features : Fast Server, Multiple OC-3 Backbones, Server software is always up to date, PHP/CGI/Perl/Python, everything installed...

Pros: Everything

Problems: None really

Overall: Great!!!!!!!

Link: http://www.pchost4u.co.uk

My Co-Webmastered Site: http://www.mymeds.net

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host name : Cian.net

Notable Features : Cheap Dedicated servers

Pros: Prices

Problems: Sometimes response to email is a bit slow, But as the server is under my control its Ok.

Overall: Excelent value for money dedicated servers.

Link: http://www.cian.net/

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Host name:


Notable Features:

PHP, MySQL, Perl, Apache (*nix), MyPHPadmin.


Cheap, good bandwidth allowence, good control panel, password protected directories, good uptime.


Slow (couple of days) tech support, sometimes relucant to help when it requires them to do anything (eg. moving site/database between servers), slow download speed for visitors


Fairly good host, but tech support could do with improvement. Also unwilling to do things like move site and database to a different server when they added some new ones and offered a good deal for people to change. I get a download speed of about 10KB/s when I should probably get about 35-40KB/s considering my connection and their location.


This isn't one of the required sections for this thread but I think it is important. They are based in Texas, U.S.A.



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Host Name: XS Web Solutions

Features: Ensim CP, Linux, MySQL, PHP, SSH, FTP, phpMyAdmin, and More

Pros: Cheap prices, good service, support

Problems: N/A

Overall: Great service

Location: Texas, USA

Link: http://www.xswebsolutions.com

Note: Site not totally done yet

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i havn't used these folks myself, but have found a low priced and full featured 'economy' plan for others several times.. PowWeb < has a deal thats hard to beat on paper. Feedback says they're good for SOHO and personal sites with mid range needs. No one has cursed me for recommending them yet. Low$ and high traffic allotments, look for yourself.

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Host Name: Impulsed

Features: PHP4, Perl, MySQL and PostgreSQL as standard + optional Shell Accounts with bg processes

Pros: OK prices, lots of "bolt-ons" availible

Problems: New to the scene, guy who run's it is a mate and won't give me a free/discounted account :angry:

Overall: Great service

Location: England

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atm i dont have any sites to host

but i have heard that

34sp are very good and nice and cheap

i would also like to point out that putting location as a feild is very important, thanks

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Host Name: Vipsnet

I pay $4.95 a month for the VIP Lite plan (got in on a promotional deal)

But just look at all the crap you get! I love these guys :D

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Guest Boss

Host Name: Marked-Off Hosting

Features: cPanel 6, Unlimited Emails, Unlimited MySQL Databases

Pros: Great deals at affordable prices

Problems: Erm, not that I know of...

Overall: Cheap and reliable

Location: USA

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host name : xAviaHosting

Notable Features : umm everything there is to give, $20 yr for 200 mb :D :)

Pros: Cheap, Gives everything u need.

CPanel Control Panel

:: IMAP, Pop3, SMTP, WEB Mail Access

:: 24/7 FTP Access

:: SSH Access upon request

:: Browser File Manager

:: FrontPage Extensions

:: PHP (www.xaviahosting.com/php.php)


:: CGI

:: Perl

:: Image Magick

:: SSI

:: SSL

:: XML

:: Python

:: Java

:: $2 for a Dedicated IP Address :: CPanel E-Mail Manager

:: Exim E-Mail Virus Scanner

:: PhpMyAdmin

:: Custom Error Pages

:: Password Protected Directories

:: 3 Stats Programs: Awstats, Analog, & Webalizer.

:: Raw Log Access

:: CPanel Skin Choice on Request

:: Unmetered Sub domains

:: Unmetered Databases

:: Unmetered E-Mail Addresses

:: Unmetered E-Mail Auto Responders

:: Unmetered E-Mail Forwarder

:: Unmetered E-Mail Mailing Lists

:: Unmetered FTP Accounts

:: Unmetered PHP & CGI Scripts

Problems: Switched to a new server about a few weeks ago and all the problems stoped

Overall: 10/10

Link: http://www.xaviahosting.com

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i guess ill throw mine in :p

host name : LeaTechs (lay-tex)

Notable Features : Low price, high quality web hosting with great uptime.

Pros: Uptime, low price, support.

Problems: It's my site but...I suppose customer support could be improved to include phone support

Overall: 10/10

Link: http://www.leatechs.com

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Host Name: JaguarPC

Features: Low Price, High Quality, Great Uptime, Great Support

Rating: 10/10

URL: http://www.jaguarpc.com

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Host Name: Tripod-Lycos :)

Address: http://www.tripod.es ;)

Features: PHP4, CGI's, MySQL... :whistle:

Pros: Server very fast and 50 mb free :D

Problems: Publicity :cool:

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Host Name : 1&1

Notable Features : Everything I have ever really needed

Pros: (See Above)

Problems: None yet (1 year later)

Overall: Excellent, Excellent Support, Excellent Speed, Awesome Facilities, For what you get, it's amazing value

Link: http://oneandone.co.uk/

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host name : eMax Hosting

Notable Features : "Cant answer, I own the company"

Pros: I feel we offer great completive packages and feel customers come first in satisfaction



Link: http://www.emaxhosting.com

I didn't see where posting your company wasn't allowed, So I hope I don't upset anyone.

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