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Mr magoo    1

I've created this sticky thread for members to post their hosts that they use for their website. Clearly, we arent really looking here for the free hosts- geocities, lycos etc - rather the ones you pay for. We want to know about your good and bad expierences, how reliable they have been, how flexable on bandwidth, and overall feature wise. Do it in this format :

host name :

Notable Features :





So - i'll start of for my website Zeebit :)

host name : OLM

Notable Features : PHP /Mysql, lots of free cgi scripts, PuTTY access, Password protect directories, FTP access

Pros: Excellent tech support- like 5 min replies - and useful ones at that, gives basic stats, Always fast and i've never had the website down - good VFM in general.

Problems: Only 1 FTP account on my setup, No PHPMyAdmin for DB stuff, Have a few probs everynow and again accessing the control panel - which is fairly limited if i'm honest- i'd prefer Cpanel - but for the price- its ok.

Overall: Mainly good- but a few downsides.

Link: http://www.olm.net

I will edit this thread to keep it clean and to the point :)

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Ahmed Samir    2

A GoDaddy design rip off and a domain forward? Come on now!

They are not a GoDaddy design rip-off, they are a GoDaddy reseller.

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Mauro Casas    1

Host Name: MediaTemple

Features: Linux, MySQL, PHP, SSH, FTP, phpMyAdmin, and More

Pros: Best service I have had the chance to use. 100% uptime. Reasonable price. (20$)

Problems: None. Never.

Overall: Great service. Awesome support.

Link: http://mediatemple.net/

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jordan.    9

Host Name: Media Layer

Notable Features: SSD based servers running LiteSpeed. Multiple locations worldwide to choose from.

Pros: Amazing support, super fast servers, never experienced any unplanned down time in 5 years I've been with them.

Problems: Pricey but you get what you pay for.

Overall: I've worked with many different hosts over the years and none come close to Media Layer. I recommend them to everyone whose budget allows it.

Link: http://www.medialayer.com/

EDIT: As a side note on this thread, we should all include how long we have been with the host we are reviewing. The difference between a review after 1 month vs multiple years greatly affects how seriously we can take said review.

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metro2012    17


This isn't one of the required sections for this thread but I think it is important. They are based in Texas, U.S.A.

I completely agree. I was entering here to see some Locations as well :(

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Haggis    1,008

host name : One.com

Notable Features : Linux, MySQL, PHP, SSH, FTP, phpMyAdmin, and More

Pros: very fast, 24 hour tech support, never had any downtime that i have noticed, always plenty warning for any maintenence

Problems: not able to uplaod lots of files at once on the control panel need to use FTP

Overall: love it, i have 5gb of space, unlimited bandwidth and including the domain name is ?22 a year


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PALMERx64    10

I want to go ahead and add two, since it's the same company but is technically separate between their free and premium hosting services.

I searched and haven't seen them mentioned yet, so:

Host Name: x10hosting

Notable Features: Free CentOS Linux hosting on LightSpeed web servers.

Pros: It's free, bandwidth and storage space are unlimited

Problems: Occasionally downtime because of unlimited storage (depending on which server you're on), usually fixed pretty quickly.

Overall: It's nice to start out with, test some things, etc... but eventually you'd want to upgrade to premium for a real community/site.

Link: http://x10hosting.com/

Host Name: x10premium

Notable Features: Cheap CentOS Linux hosting on LightSpeed servers

Pros: It's pretty cheap - $6.95 for a months worth of unlimited everything including bandwidth/storage, MySQL/PostgreSQL database 'slots', support tickets included. OR $3.95 per month for three years of hosting and a few other plans that they have- I thought the monthly hosting was most notable though.

Problems: I haven't run in to any problems using it so far for the ~5 months that I've used it.

Overall: I liked it a lot and I would recommend it for sure.

Link: http://x10premium.com/

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AndroidOS    1

Host Name : UZR Hosting

Notable Features : Cheap, outstanding support, I have experienced no downtime (in just under a year)

Pros: Cheap, customisable packages to suit your needs, great support when needed, website management options are available.

Problems: VPS prices are a little on the expensive side...

Overall: A great host, I'd give it 9/10 overall.

Link: http://www.uzrhosting.com/

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flynempire    46

I second X10 Hosting. Have used the free and it works well.

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Geoffrey B.    1,415

host name : A Small Orange
Notable Features : Very Friendly Very helpful Staff (will help you out with HTACCESS stuff if you ask nice.
Pros: Cheap and Reliable
Problems: Have never had an issue with them
Overall: 10/10
Link: http://www.asmallorange.com

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illage3    100

I use Zen Hosting




  • Linux
  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Windows Hosting



  • ?3.99 a month (before VAT) for bronze package.
  • ?9.98 every 2 years for ".co.uk" domain.
  • Great support.
  • Secure thanks to Linux hosting.






  • Had to create a php.ini file to increase the PHP memory limit.
  • Ask your host before doing this your self. Like I did. If you use a lot of plugins then you need to do this otherwise you risk destroying your WordPress installation.


Location: Manchester, UK




Honestly this is a great host.  Had no issues apart from minor technical hiccups when setting it all up. Great for setting up a WordPress installation, or for creating a portfolio of work. 

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