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60% of businesses could dump Windows for Chrome OS

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Posted 27 November 2010 - 14:59

Google continues to send the world mixed messages about Chrome OS.

Depending on who you ask about Chrome OS at Google or among Google analysts, you could hear any one of the following messages:

* Chrome OS will be released in December
* Chrome OS has been delayed until 2011
* Chrome OS will be killed before it comes to market
* Chrome OS and Android will merge into one platform

The latest information comes from a New York Times report that cites its source as Linus Upson, Chrome chief and Google vice president of engineering. The new report says Google recently deployed new systems loaded with Chrome OS to internal Google employees, including Sergey Brin. The Google co-founder reluctantly made the exchange.

However, the kicker in the Times story was this: “Mr. Upson says that 60 percent of businesses could immediately replace their Windows machines with computers running Chrome OS. He also says he hopes it will put corporate systems administrators out of work because software updates will be made automatically over the Web.”

Keep in mind that the Times is paraphrasing Upson here and not quoting him directly, but this is an extremely ambitious goal that is being attributed to Google’s head honcho of Chrome OS. It’s also a loaded statement and it’s worth trying to unpack it.

The Chrome OS is aimed at computers that are essentially just Web browsers and don’t store any of their data locally but keep it all in the cloud — especially Google’s cloud. So, Upson’s statement is assuming that most companies won’t just be using Chrome OS but will also being using Google Apps (or a competitor such as Zoho) for handling all business email and documents.

The other part of Upson’s statement is that because the Chrome OS will automatically handle all software updates behind the scenes without user intervention that it will “put corporate systems administrators out of work.” It’s interesting to hear Google make a brazen statement like this, since this has previously been suspected to be one of their motives but has never been stated openly. The public revelation aside, systems administrators do a lot more than just push software updates so this statement is pretty inflammatory from that perspective.

Since Chrome OS is primarily aimed at netbooks, it’s laughable to think of 60% of businesses deploying netbooks to their employees. As a recent TechRepublic poll showed, the vast majority of businesses still give their employees desktops and not laptops. And, of the corporate employees that get laptops, an even smaller percentage get netbooks.

The other problem with Chrome OS aiming at netbooks is that the netbook market is under attack from smartphones and tablets. Upson said, “We are starting with laptops and we will expand in both directions.” In other words, Chrome OS will scale down to tablets and scale up to desktops.

So, at least for the moment, it looks like Chrome OS is back on for Google. I don’t think it’s time for systems administrators to start shaking in their boots just yet.


Source: ZDnet

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Posted 27 November 2010 - 15:00

Yep, they'll just wipe all of their Windows PC's spur of the moment with no data backup and be left with no way to manage any of the data that they didn't back up because they didn't pay hundreds of dollars to have all of their software ported.


#3 The Protagonist

The Protagonist

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Posted 27 November 2010 - 15:03

chrome os is just a web browser without the OS, now very nano amount of business will just use a web browser on their system so turn that 60% into a .0006 :D

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Posted 27 November 2010 - 15:13

I say 1000% of businesses will.

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Posted 27 November 2010 - 15:15

I say 1000% of businesses will.

I raise that thousand percent, with a pony.

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Posted 27 November 2010 - 15:21

Why not just bend over and say, "right here, Google!"? That's what you're basically doing; you're giving them complete control over you. Given their nefarious business practices in the past, I'm surprised Chrome OS is even making headlines as a serious competitor. But then again, the wheels are always turning Google's mega machine. Don't get me wrong, I love some of Google's products. But I wouldn't trust Chrome OS any farther than I could throw it.

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Posted 27 November 2010 - 15:25

The problem here (UK) at least is bandwidth. Even if you're on a decent connection, if say 50,000 people are downloading their OS/files constantly it's gonna crawl. Think of a corp network, they're gonna get flooored.

#8 The Protagonist

The Protagonist

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Posted 27 November 2010 - 15:26

lol you think the UK is bad, come to australia at witness the disaster of telstra...

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Posted 27 November 2010 - 15:32

Posted Image

Source: ZDnet

He also says he hopes it will put corporate systems administrators out of work because software updates will be made automatically over the Web.”

Hopefully this puts Google out of businness not sys admins.

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Posted 27 November 2010 - 15:33

I'm gonna go ahead and say bull-****ing-****. Absolutely no chance.

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Posted 27 November 2010 - 15:35

NONO,If Chrome Os will be part of company managing system it will need another storage server to store data in the company server,not Google Cloud or whatsoever it going to be too risky for a company to rely on Google service ! ! Further more,it won't replace windows just because a web browser suddenly have their own operating system...microsoft give people a lots of choice by providing up 4 different of windows version which make businesses easier..not that Web OS by GOOGLE!

#12 Frylock86


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Posted 27 November 2010 - 15:37

Nah. Ain't happening.

#13 James7


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Posted 27 November 2010 - 15:39

Wasn't there some point when people thought Google would give away netbooks with ChromeOS on it?

#14 x-byte



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Posted 27 November 2010 - 15:40

"Could", but wont ... Most businesses isn't ready for this. The need for client OS is still quite high, like with 3D tools etc.

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Posted 27 November 2010 - 15:41

Google trying to do something that most people don't even want. ChromeOS for a very very low-end netbook maybe, but business? No dice. And besides nothing stops you from using Googles apps on the browser you already have installed on your Windows PC, no point to drop anything. Add to the fact that MS is hitting back with it's own cloud apps like Office 365 etc, ChromeOS is going to go the way of Google TV, yet another flop imo.

I also expect MS will have a mode in Windows8 that ties it up to all their Live services as well so in the end you could turn it into something like chromeOS I bet, that's what I'm waiting for them to do anyways.