Microsoft to release Age of Mythology: Extended Edition May 8th

A few weeks after a teaser video was released, Microsoft has now confirmed it plans to publish Age of Mythology: Extended Edition. This will be a graphical remake of the 2002 fantasy RTS game that was originally developed by the now defunct Ensemble Studios and will be released via Valve's Steam service on May 8th.

Both the game's official website and a new trailer went live today, revealing that the remake will have the content of the original Age of Mythology and its expansion pack, The Titans. It will contain a number of graphical upgrades, including better lighting and shadow support, day and night cycles, improved water and more.

The port, which is being handled by Skybox Games, will also have some extra features not in the original version. That includes Twitch game broadcast support, Steamworks Workshop for mod creation and management, Steam achievements, virtual trading cards and more. It will also include two new gameplay modes; a treaty mode and an enhanced Observer mode. 

Age of Mythology: Extended Edition is now available for pre-order on Steam and will be priced normally at $29.99 but is currently on sale for 20 percent off its normal price. There's also a way to buy four game codes at the same time for the normal price of three.

Source: Microsoft

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Because this is easy money.

And maybe they're afraid of trashing the series. I remember AOE III got quite the trashing because it was so "different" from the first 2. While IMO the game was a good successor. (perhaps because the Dutch and their banks where OP)

And looking at how well RA3, CnC3, Duke Nukem etc were received, can understand for the fear of brining out new titles if it might hurt the originals.

They can stay true to the game mechanics, but update everything else. Animations, scale of objects and characters, models, replace crappy textures with good ones, higher quality audio...

A real remake, not a new game using the same name as the old one.

Thats expensive :p

I would love to get AOE4, continuing on the direction they went with in AOE3.

Leave the originals as is IMO, how AOEII was remade was great. Just upgraded to support recent technologies.

Cchanging animations and such could bring a new experience to a game and thus differ in experience from the original.

Very much depends on how you do it. Look at StarCraft, for example, much of the animations in the second one are more-or-less the same as those in the first one, only done in higher details.

Yeah it could be great if done nice. But rather see them putting that effort into bringing us a new sequel that surpasses our dearest expectations. Bring more depth into the game, there is so incredibly much to do in the Mythology realms.

That works too, I guess. Oh how I wish devs to service-like update to their games, updating assets and code as time goes by, thus keeping their games always up to date. DREAMING! :D

This was my favorite game of the series. I might actually buy this game, though I'm not super excited it's only released on Steam - this game should be on and DRM free

I was missing this game and installed it recently and also posted on a petition to get it on steam. Glad to see this coming.

they ougtha do this with AOE2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!