Microsoft to shut down msnNOW trending news site December 3rd

In 2012, Microsoft announced the launch of its MSN spinoff website msnNOW with much fanfare. At the time, the site was promoted as a place where people could check out some of the most talked about stories of the day from social media outlets. This week, Microsoft announced that it will be closing the msnNOW site on December 3rd.

In a post on the MSN blog, Microsoft stated that the shutdown of msnNOW was due to its "ongoing work to fine-tune our editorial mix." It added, "Rather than having a single home for trending content, we will continue integrating that material throughout all MSN channels." MSN will also be adding a special section of its site devoted to offbeat news in the near future, according to the blog.

In September, online reports claimed that Microsoft had cut over 100 contractors and freelancers who worked on the MSN site. It's unknown if the shutdown of the msnNOW site is related to those cuts.  Thanks to the recent "One Microsoft" reorganization changes, the team that runs is now a part of the Bing Apps group that develop many of the in-house Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone apps.

Source: MSN blog | Image via Microsoft

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It's actually the opposite as I understand it. It's not surprising many haven't heard of it because the site was somewhat marketed LESS over time once it became apparent that what's "popular" and "trending" by mainstream Internet/social users isn't necessarily in line with their target audience or their target advertisers.

Being driven by the whim of social networks creates content with a stigma & many people can only take so much of LOLCATS and what Justin Bieber did last night. What advertiser cares about the audience that finds the tweeting of 8-14 year olds about Cosmo surveys, Miley Cyrus, and "vitriolic campaigns against Abercrombie & Fitch" interesting? The answer is not many. As a result, leaving the content of your "socially designed" news page entirely to the whim of the ACTUAL public-at-large -even when directed & groomed, turns out to be not such a good business model.

The integration of their social news technologies with Bing will provide content that while originated from social, is less socially directed, more driven by the target audience & advertisers.

Never heard of it either, but checked it out and seems like a site I wouldn't ever visit because it doesn't feature any real news

Strange that people never heard of it...

I post links to stories from it all the time, and like the people that never heard of it, my friends wonder where I find the interesting stories.

So maybe it is just your cool friends that post interesting links that used it.

BTW MSNnow really isn't going away, the content is just getting merged into

MSN is a completely different experience in IE10/11. That screenshot above is so outdated looking, it is twitch worthy. (Reason #79 not to use Chrome.)

msnNOW I've never heard of it... And I bet not a lot of other people have either. Microsoft's probably shutting it down because no one hardly goes onto it.

Never heard of it, but its interesting that both Microsoft and google have been shutting down news aggregation services recently!

Good, that's a 100 more people that could be hired to bing to continue to work on engineering the algorithmic sorting of news/popular items.

not good to be losing jobs, but good direction/focus for ms..