Razer announces 14-inch Blade and 17-inch Blade Pro Windows 8 laptops

In January 2012, Razer launched its first PC hardware product with the 17-inch Blade laptop, with its unique Switchblade hardware and software user interface. Today, Razer announced the successor to its first notebook, the Blade Pro, along with a new 14-inch version of the Blade PC. Both laptops will run on Windows 8.

Razer's press release states that like the original Blade, the Blade Pro will have a 17-inch screen but weighs just 6.5 pounds and is 0.88 inches thick. It will also include the latest version of the Switchblade hardware and software UI, featuring an LED trackpad and 10 Switchback keys that can change their appearance and functions depending on which game or application is running on the laptop.

Inside the Razer Pro will be a unnamed 4th generation Intel Core processor (yes, the one with the code name Haswell that will get its official launch next week) along with NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 765M GPU, 8 GB of RAM and a 128 GB SDD, with options to increase the storage to 256 GB or 512 GB. Pricing will start at $2,299. Pre-orders begin on June 3rd and the first units will start shipping later that month.

Razer is also pushing for the Blade Pro to be used by people who frequently access more professional apps such as Photoshop, Maya and more, including adding support for those apps in the Switchblade UI.

Razer has also announced it will have a 14-inch version of the Blade notebook, with the same processor, memory and storage options as its larger 17-inch Blade Pro brother, but in a case that's just 0.66 inches thick. Razer says that it is thinner than a standing dime, which is what was teased in an earlier video. However, the 4.1 pound laptop will not have the Switchblade keys or LED trackpad. Pricing for the 14-inch Blade will begin at $1,799. Like the Blade Pro, pre-orders for the 14-inch Blade start June 3rd and it will start shipping later in June as well.

Source: Razer | Image via Razer

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It doesn't have an optical drive so its a no deal brainer for me and please guys stop comparing that external devices are the same like internal! You cant always take all those sort of gadgets with you! I hate those guys those that go hey you can add more storage space..... by adding an external hard drive That same thing I said applies to external optical drives and other adapters too!

What do you use an optical drive for? Adds extra thickness to the system considering very few of this laptops market would actually use an optical drive long term

Raa said,
Or install all my games onto my... you know, gaming laptop?

Real gamers use Steam/Origin and other digitally supplied games... Real gamers done buy Discs these days Unless you like the connectable with them Most of them some way shape or form activate online anyway

Definitely agree and honestly wouldn't buy anything larger than that for a laptop these days. 13-14" has always been the sweet spot for me in terms of portability and the power you can still get from them.