Surprise! Max: The Curse of Brotherhood coming to Xbox One Friday

It looks like Xbox One owners will get an extra game to download and play before the end of the year. Today, Microsoft's Larry Hryb revealed on Twitter that the 2D side-scroller game Max: The Curse of Brotherhood will be released for the console on Friday, December 20th. The game was previously targeted for launch in early 2014.

The price for the game in the U.S. will be $14.99, according to Hyrb's tweet. Developed by Copenhagen-based (and Microsoft owned) developer Press Play, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is a revamped version of the 2010 released Max and the Magic Marker. The new game has the same basic premise as our hero Max has to rescue his younger brother with the aid of a marker that the player uses to draw solutions to puzzles.

The game will also be released for the Xbox 360 but that won't happen until sometime in early 2014. Microsoft still plans to publish the Xbox One version of the top down shooter Halo Spartan Assault on Tuesday, December 24th, making it the final game for the new console in 2013.

Source: Larry Hryb on Twitter

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I've only played the first chapter and a bit but if you want a fairly decent platformer on Xbox one this does an ok job and adds some variety to your other game choices

Totally getting this. But that means I'll have to juggle Skyrim on 360, Forza 5 on XB1 and now this. Things I have to do...

That's great, a sequel to the Wii game Max and the Magic Marker!

This was an interesting concept, basically a platformer crossed with Crayon Physics. It's great that it's getting a sequel and that they're finally able to use kinect like this. Wonder if it'll come to the Wii U as well?

It's a 360 port (they made that first even though it's released next year) so i'm expecting yet another game that doesn't make use of the XB1's power.

Uh..... That's a 2D side-scroller? Holy cow! Things have come a long way since Mine Patrol and Super Mario Brothers!!!

Looks pretty cool, I might give it a go, but I don't often play puzzle or platformers, ilomilo & Rayman Legends are my bar (Origins was good but legends topped it for sure). I guess Fez would round out a top 3 this one could join if good. /end pointless rambling

Mr. Hand said,
Looks 3D to me

The models and world can be 3d and have depth but the game is still a 2d platformer. You only move left/right and up/down.

Mr.XXIV said,
It looks so damn promising for the young ones.

Looks awesome for me too haha. I love platformers and puzzle games