Nexus Two coming soon to the UK?

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Google may have abandoned their online phone store model, but that doesn't mean they plan to completely exit the self-branded phone market. We know that when previously asked, Google refused to answer any questions about...


Android will support Wireless-N

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Apparently, Google's Nexus One has the hardware capability to connect to wireless-N Wifi networks. iFixit, in their dismantling of the smartphone, found that the wireless NIC was a Broadcom BCM4329EKUBG, a model that does support...


HTC Incredible vs Nexus One: multi-touch

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Android and Me reported earlier this year of the major touch screen problems that affected the Nexus One. Google’s flagship phone seemed to have severe hardware issues which prevented it from accurately sensing multiple touches...


Android 2.1 downgrades image quality

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PC Magazine reports that Dr. Raymond Soneira of Displaymate Technology Corporation found that upgrading to Android 2.1 will downgrade the quality of images in your image gallery. He tested his theory on a Motorola Droid,...


Nexus One sales for first 74 days

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Flurry has posted an update of their sales results for the Google Nexus One mobile phone, compared with the iPhone first generation and the Motorola Droid. Flurry compared the first 74 days, day 74...


HTC Incredible photos and details leak

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Pocketnow.com has released photos, details and even a video of the new upcoming HTC incredible. The leaked screenshots, still branded with a ‘confidential’ text, appear to be the next HTC phone on the market. The...


Nexus One hands-on video

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Engadget was able to get one of the first hands-on looks of the Nexus One phone by Google, with a review video of the phone. The hands-on preview of the Nexus One takes you...

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