The Zune HD lives...again

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For the second time in as many days, Microsoft's Zune HD media player has been brought back from the dead, after a support page declaring the end of the player was pulled and labelled a mistake.


Microsoft manager: Zune isn't dead

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Microsoft employees might be thinking of the infamous Mark Twain misquote - ''rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated'' - following media obituaries of the company's Zune hardware. Yesterday Neowin, along with numerous other tech...


New Zune HD games released

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Last week Microsoft rolled out a v4.3 firmware update for the Zune HD which amongst other improvements added support for 3D games. Today Microsoft has released 6 new games for the Zune HD according to...


Zune 4.0 software now available

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Microsoft has officially released the Zune 4.0 software today. The software package introduces a number of new features for Zune owners and some great additions for Windows 7 owners. Outside of the software package, Microsoft...


The Zune HD box, Best Buy & Apps

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Microsoft's answer to Apple in the battle of two giants is coming closer and closer. On September 15th the Zune HD is going to launch and change the face of Microsoft in the battle. Yesterday,...


Zune HD applications confirmed

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It's been debated for some time as to whether or not the Zune HD will feature apps, similar to its competitor, Apple's iPod touch; many people expected the more logical solution, that it would, though...


Zune HD Specification sheet revealed

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Microsoft has made available the specification sheet for the Zune HD, which explains the formats that the device can read and the approximated battery life of the device. The battery life for listening to music...


Zune HD to launch Sept 15

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It's no secret that the Zune HD launch is getting closer. First there was Amazon taking pre-orders but now there appears to be official signage that clearly states that September 15 is the day...

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