TechSpot: Five Free VPN Services You Should Check Out

VPNs were conceived to connect computers in different geographic locations as if they were part of one same local network. They rely on encryption, tunnel protocols and masking mechanisms to fulfill their purpose in a reliable and secure fashion. These same attributes which are indispensable to create safe networks through the internet have made VPNs the go to technology for anyone looking to keep their location and online activities private.

In general, totally free high quality VPN services are few and far between. The current business model being used by some is to offer a free basic application with the option to upgrade to a paid, more feature rich version. However, for users simply looking for some extra privacy or sporadically accessing a geo-restricted website these free versions get the job done.

Read: Five Free VPN Services You Should Check Out
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I was denied Bing rewards and had my entire Bing account cancelled because using a proxy while using Bing is against their ToS. I appealed the decision and told them I would stop using Hostpost Shield when using Bing, and they reinstated it and gave me back my award points. When I pressed for more info, they refused to give me any details.

My issue is that I often use Hotspot Shield when logging into public locations, like hotels, and this gives me some protection.

I would love an official comment from Microsoft on this.

Bing rewards is USA ONLY. People all over the world are trying and using VPNs to take part in the program. If you have and use an UK or EU VPN in USA, you will not be entitled to the awards simple as that...

This is for all you new people. I have only one rule.
* There is no such thing as a good free VPN. I don't recommend anyone use a free VPN provider, they have zero incentive to protect your privacy. Nuff said & welcome to the Roughnecks.

Already used Hotspot shield and already bought it.
Noticed some windows 8 features refusing to work once the VPN is on: Mail, Skype