UltimateDefrag Freeware Edition 1.72

UltimateDefrag is revolutionary defrag software that not only lets you defrag, but also considers a more important phenomenon, and that is, the placement of files and folders on your hard drive. With UltimateDefrag you can place the files you want the best performance from onto the faster areas of your hard drive and also get all of your unused data right out of the way and repositioned onto the slower areas of your hard drive in order to make way for the data that you want to place in the "hot" sections of your hard drive where performance is greatest.

UltimateDefrag lets you specify defrag routines right down to the individual file and folder level. No other defragger has previously enabled you to do this to this extent and with this kind of power and flexibility.

UltimateDefrag has a High Performance file section option so that you can get the best possible performance out the programs you want the best performance from, whether it's a particular game, program or data file. You can move these programs and files ahead of other files and folders to the area of your drive that gives you the best performance.

You choose the files that you want performance from and those that you don't or let UltimateDefrag do it for you – automatically based on file usage. UltimateDefrag is very powerful yet very easy and intuitive to use. Once you understand the basic concepts and issues that slow your hard drive and principles that result in increased performance you can use UltimateDefrag as a powerful tool to give you hard drive file access that will perform significantly faster than what hard drive manufacturers quote for their hard drive's performance.

When done right – these principles of performance promotion, that UltimateDefrag enables you to address, all compound like magic to give you performance that you have not previously experienced from your hard drive. After defragging and optimizing with UltimateDefrag – your whole PC will respond with the speed and sprite as when it was new. You'll see the performance results instantly!

If you decide that you do not want to use all of the advanced options and simply want a fast reliable defrag, then you can also use UltimateDefrag for that purpose only. Simply select the AUTO option and you'll be enjoying what is probably the fastest and cleverest defrag engine on the market even with its approach to standard defragging which uses efficient "in- place" defragging algorithms for fast, reliable and complete defrags. One other item that you'll find incredibly amazing about UltimateDefrag is the size of the program itself – only 1.7 Mb! You'll be amazed that so much power can be packed into such a small program. One thing that UltimateDefrag isn't and that's bloatware!

Developer Notes: We have provided this free version because it is the original version 1 release and has been superseded by UltimateDefrag 2008. You are in no way obligated to do so, however, if you want the latest, most advanced version of UltimateDefrag, you can always visit our website at www.disktrix.com and purchase the latest version. If you don't wish to get the latest version, then you can continue to use and share, this free public domain edition to your heart's content and without any obligation to buy.

Download: UltimateDefrag Freeware Edition 1.72
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Adding to Naveen's comment - the whole point of UltimateDefrag is to place most used programs and files on the disk where the fastest read can occur (ie at the outside of the disk). The built in set up does that but also there is a huge amount of flexibility given to the user - so that the user can actually choose where individual files go on the physical disk or decide this by a sydtem of percentages. It also defragments files.
Whether any of this actually is "better" or makes a computer "faster" is a moot point. Certainly after doing this (its pretty good fun if you enjoy tweaking around with a lot of variables) things on my rig were no worse and maybe somewhat better. But I took quitre along time to set things up and the "defrag" was quite slow. Probably doesn't matter coxz as with all other defrags on NTFS this can all happen in the background.
Its possible to just go with the default settings - tho I didn't actually find out how to do that till after about 30mins.
Also the special free version of the flagship program (talked about in this review) got stuck in my setup and couldn't complete. I had to download a trial of the latest and greatest. It worked fine.
Honestly, since XP its hard to know whether there's much value in frequent defragmentation. The documentation attached to this proggie sets out a pretty detailed argument in favour of its approach,
I think for most the set and forget approach of O&O or PerfectDisk is probably plenty good enough - though I personally don't like the way they run automated services all the time.


I tried this some time ago. It's best I found if you used boot optimize, no need to turn off MS one if you like, keep NTFS timestamping on (some may not want to do that), and then

>Pick folders such as Windows/WinSXS to move to physical end of partition
>>Pick folders to have at beginning of partition (very few / normally not WinNT OS folder)
>>>Try out some defrags with the interface or perhaps just auto defrag or perhaps defrag any data in another way.

I'll be installing this shortly. Thanks for the proggy, Disktrix 8)

(kev_gordon said @ #6)

I just installed this on Vista 32bit. When I click the Analyze button, nothing happens...

Anyone got any ideas what's wrong?

Run it as admin.

This is incredible news! UD 1.72 is now easily the most powerful freeware defragmentation program! (Don't take my word for it, just try the program out for yourself and take a look at the options and customizability of defragmentation routines)

i would recommend JKDefrag out of the free ones ;)

it dont have a fancy interface but it works well.... and it's super easy to use as you just start it up and it does the rest (you can also have it do fancier stuff to with command switches in it but in general all you need to do is start it up and it defrags everything)

EDIT: ... well after reading what this can do... it sounds good in theory, but the thing is ill bet the performance gains/claims aint all that noticeable in real world performance... i.e. ill bet 'overall' JKDefrag is probably better to use and probably quicker to defrag the hard drive to.

Website says this is compatable with Windows 2000

Latest version: 1.72 (23 May 2008 )
License: Freeware
System requirements: Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista
Download: UltimateDefragFREEPublicDomainEditionSetup.exe (2.2 MB)
Alternate download location: UltimateDefragFREEPublicDomainEditionSetup.zip

Have just tried it on Windows 2000 Server SP4 and this is not compatable

Guess they corrected it. It now says:

Latest version: 1.72 (23 May 2008 )
License: Freeware
System requirements: Windows XP/Vista
Download: UltimateDefragFREEPublicDomainEditionSetup.exe (2.2 MB)
Alternate download location: UltimateDefragFREEPublicDomainEditionSetup.zip